Two Lynched in Chattanooga

by Chris Bunton I traveled recently to Chattanooga, Tennessee for my honeymoon.  While there, we spent some time checking out the sights, seeing Lookout Mountain, and all the history of the place. While I was there I also worked on a piece about the Serial Killer, Joseph Paul Franklin who had blown up a synagogueContinue reading “Two Lynched in Chattanooga”

James Earl Ray

by Chris Bunton I traveled to Quincy, Illinois. This is a great place to view architecture if you enjoy different styles of housing. But, the town also holds the distinction of being the home of the serial killer Michael Swango and the assassin James Earl Ray. It seems odd that a man who ended upContinue reading “James Earl Ray”

About Civil Rights Crime

This is a Non-Fiction category describing crimes that have been committed against people, that would fall into the Civil Rights category. A true story such as Emmet Till, or a True Story of injustice, or police brutality. Research the facts and give us good writing. These are stories of murder, lynching, and beatings. Follow theContinue reading “About Civil Rights Crime”