True Crime: The Liberty Bank Robbery

Historical Crime By Chris Bunton On February 13th 1866. The Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri was robbed. It was the first bank robbery committed in the daytime during peace years, in the United States.  It is not sure if Jesse or his brother Frank were involved. But, they are given credit for it.Continue reading “True Crime: The Liberty Bank Robbery”

In Our Blood:

The Mafia Families of Corleone By Justin Cascio This is an excerpt from Justin’s book. How Families Create Social Value for the Mafia The Mafia began in the latifundia of inland, central-western Sicily, in the decades after the Bourbon king replaced feudalism with private land ownership (Blok, 1974; Hess, 1973/1998; Mack Smith, 1988; Lupo 1993/2009).Continue reading “In Our Blood:”

Murder in Oak Park

True Crime by Chris Bunton On April 13, 2020, Thomas Johnson, 69, and his wife Leslie Jones, 67, were discovered dead in their home in Oak Park, Illinois. Thomas was stabbed 17 times and found lying in an up stairs bed. While Leslie was stabbed 34 times and found on the stairs. Family members hadContinue reading “Murder in Oak Park”

Serial Killer: Raymond Lee Stewart

By Chris Bunton More appropriately labeled a “Spree Killer”, Raymond Lee Stewart kept Rockford, Illinois in fear during his shooting spree in January of 1981. Raymond Lee Stewart was born in Burlington, North Carolina. He had a rough up bringing full of poverty, physical and sexual violence. I say this, not as an excuse butContinue reading “Serial Killer: Raymond Lee Stewart”

Ghosting, Taco Bell, and Wrongful Conviction

True Crime Video by Blind Injustice Channel The Blind Injustice Channel is a Youtube channel created by Registered Nurse and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Donya L. Winters. The videos she makes are telling the stories of wrongfully convicted people. These people have been proven to be innocent by the Innocence Project. Donya is working toContinue reading “Ghosting, Taco Bell, and Wrongful Conviction”

Bugsy Siegel’s Last Pal

By Steven G. Farrell The citizens of Las Vegas, Nevada were all afraid of Bugsy Siegel, the notorious gangster from New York. Afraid and respectful. “Ben”, the name he used in his inner circle, was a long-time partner of such Manhattan big shots as Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Frank Costello. He even had connectionsContinue reading “Bugsy Siegel’s Last Pal”

Sexual Cannibalism

By Sunny Castiglioni If there’s a trope that’s going remain permanent in any kind of horror media, it’s cannibalism. I have to guess that’s a fear ingrained in our DNA from our evolutionary years of being at the bottom of the food chain. I went through a phase of being absolutely terrified of being eaten,Continue reading “Sexual Cannibalism”

Who Killed Missy Witt

On December 1, 1994 Melissa “Missy” Witt was attacked and abducted from the Bowling World bowling alley in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Her car was left behind, but she was gone; just vanished. Her friends and family were sick with worry. Then on January 13, 1995 their worst fears were realized. Melissa’s body was found inContinue reading “Who Killed Missy Witt”

True Crime: Owney Madden

By Chris Bunton Owen Vincent “Owney’” Madden was born in December of 1891 in Leeds, England to Irish parents. Due to extreme poverty, his mother left England with his sister Mary, and placed Owney and his brother Martin in an orphanage, while she booked travel to the United States. After arriving in America, she stayedContinue reading “True Crime: Owney Madden”

Forget it, Jake. It’s Schenectady

By David Bushman (An excerpt from David’s upcoming true-crime book about one of the most notorious police corruption scandals in NY State history, and very loosely the basis for the 2012 film ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’) *** Chapter 15: Willy Sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. on the overcast day of Saturday, October 6,Continue reading “Forget it, Jake. It’s Schenectady”