Submissions are the meat and potatoes of The Yard: Crime Blog (C.B). We want to hear your short stories and non-fiction. We will read your submission and get back to you about whether we can use it or not. Sometimes we will offer advice to improve the writing, such as typos, or other issues, but sometimes we just can’t use it right now. Please read the Submission Guidelines and follow them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Each category we publish in, has an “About” post that is the very first post in the category, at the bottom, or click on the various links below. It will give you insight as to what we are looking for in writing for that category, please do the best you can to follow the guidelines, it will streamline the process. We are also accepting submissions for videos, podcasts, guest blogging. and photo journals. Send us what you got, or query us, and we will look at them

Poetry, Crime Fiction, Flash Fiction, True Crime, Historical Crime, Victim Accounts, Interviews, True Stories, Rumors, True Prison Stories, Book/Movie Reviews, Recovery, Victim Recovery, Crime Travel, Serial Killers, Biographies, Civil Rights Crime, Prison Church. Some of these categories will have sub-categories under them, such as Crime Fiction, which has Caper, Hard boiled, Police, Detective, Criminal, Superhero/Villain, Spy, Legal, Mystery and Forensic. We also accept Horror, and Dark Literature. But, they all follow the same rules. If You have written or created something that you feel falls within our field, send a query message to We do not bite. At least not without a little salt.

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