The Yard: Crime Blog Is an online magazine about crime, horror and darkness.

We publish True Crime and Crime Fiction in all its categories. We also publish Horror and Dark Literature. We want you to enjoy reading all we have to offer.

We are here because crime, and dark things draw us. It interests us. We are shocked by it and entertained by it. We are hurt by it, and we often commit it. We are here to entertain and feed that desire to see more of it, or to tell about what happened to us. We want to have fun, but realize that these are serious subjects, and we want to support helping victims, and criminals heal. We want a better world, where stories of crime are for entertainment purposes only, and not based in real people getting hurt or destroyed. We want to see things change in our world for the better. We love stories of Hope, but we also live in reality.

Writers, we are a publisher and want to hear your stories. Whether it’s Crime Fiction, Horror, Dark Literature, True Crime, or other Non-fiction. We are open to all fiction genre’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Western, Modern, or whatever, so long as it is about crime, horror, or darkness in some way. We have multiple categories that you can read or submit a story to. Just do a good job with the writing, and we will check it out. We are also accepting videos, podcasts, and photo journals. Show us what you got.
Submission Guidelines

We want to support writers and good writing, not make it hard. We have great things planned for the future as we grow.

So, enjoy reading what we have and submit something of your own.

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