Smells Fishy

By Ruben Horn “Moin!” the jolly woman greets me with this common northern German salutation, as I step up to the counter of her fish shack. “Ein Bismarck-Brötchen… bitte!” I do my best to order my favorite, a Sauerlappen as they are also called, in her language. The woman with a short black tomboy haircutContinue reading “Smells Fishy”

Brotherly Love

By Kathleen Chamberlin In the moonlight, a large owl perched on the elm tree nearest the woods behind the Deerfield house. It scanned the surrounding area, blinking and turning its head, watching and waiting.  Soon, some unsuspecting victim would scamper into sight, searching for food. The owl would leave its perch, talons extended, swooping downContinue reading “Brotherly Love”

As The Sun Sets

By Andy Betz “He is unconscious. You weren’t supposed to hit him that hard. We needed him awake!” I had no intention of knocking out Felix, but I was not going to look at that conniving smirk for one more second without him paying for his deeds. The television sets in this motel room haveContinue reading “As The Sun Sets”


By John Mahoney Therese Masters cursed, abandoning a fifth attempt to call Sally, then tossed her smartphone into her black Nike-brand gym bag. “Just keep leaving me hanging,” she grumbled, squatting to zip the bag, before slinging it over a shoulder and using her other hand to grab her rented racquet from the polished floorContinue reading “Racqueteering”