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This is the book store where our readers can find links to purchase books written by our writers. If you are a writer, and would like to post a link to your books for sale please follow the Book Store Guidelines.

Made Free: Overcoming Addiction is a book about recovering from Addiction and the Criminal Lifestyle. It can be purchased here


“Burning Girl” Is a book written by one of our authors, Robb White.
More of his books can be found Here.


Great books by Marco Etheridge can be purchased here.


Pablo is one of our writers. His book can be purchased Here.


Parisa Karami has an Art Journal on The Yard: Crime Blog. Her Book can be purchased Here.


Brian Beatty’s Book “Brazil, Indiana” can be purchased here.


Brian Beatty’s book “Dust and Stars” can be purchased here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.

Sgt. Mike Simmons has written a book about the John F. Kennedy assassination and it’s possible links to Hank Killam from Pensacola, Florida. You can purchase his book here.


Mickey Dubrow’s book American Judas can be purchased here.


Bogdan Dragos’s poetry book can be purchased here.

Jim Hinckley’s book about murder and mayhem on Route 66 can be purchased here.

JD Dugas moves back to his hometown of Eunice, Louisiana, to open the town’s first tattoo shop. But what seems like a perfect situation goes sideways from the get-go, and the arrival of JD’s childhood friend Curtis, an intelligence analyst from DC with delusions of grandeur, doesn’t help matters. Together, JD and Curtis use their wits, some less than legal tactics, and a little help from some old friends to take on their powerful and unscrupulous rivals. Tattoos and Tans can be purchased Here.


Constance Miller flees West Virginia to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend and joins friends in Lafayette, Louisiana, as they prepare for the annual Black Pot Festival and All Saints’ Day. But Butch will not be deterred so easily. When he tracks her to Lafayette, all hell breaks loose on Halloween night. It will take a visiting deacon from Vietnam, an ex-nun, and the boys from a popular Cajun band to pull Constance through it all. In the aftermath of tragedy, a local detective with his own troubled past begins to put the pieces together. As he closes in on the truth, Constance and her friends face dire consequences for what took place in a little country cemetery. All Saint’s Day of the Dead can be purchased Here.


Roundin Up a Bison: Stories, is a book written by Byron Spooner who has published a short story here on The Yard: Crime Blog, and we hope for more.

Critics had this to say about about Spooner’s book.

If you’re miserable because Ray Carver is gone, and the delicious Jean Shepherd is still dead, don’t be. if you love the ringing-clear dialogue and impossibly true-to-life behavior of the characters in Daniel Woodrell (Winter’s Bone), don’t be blue, run to your local independent bookseller and get a copy of local book man Byron Spooner’s Rounding up a Bison. Hell, run between the raindrops and snag a copy and bundle up once you get home and read it. All. Tonight. You may thank me tomorrow.

Beverly Langer, Extremely well-read Bookseller & Publishers’ Representative

With working-class wit, a strong sense of absurdity, and an ear for the conversations of not-so-wise guys, Spooner spins stories from the busted front porch of a faded American Dream. From hard-drinking Hackensack holidays to scheming, dog-eared New York booksellers, his characters eke out their livings and mistake-riddled lives calling to mind the early work of Richard Price and Richard Ford, 

–Robert Mailer Anderson, author of Boonville and Windows on the World

You can read more critics and purchase Spooner’s book, along with other books at his store Andover Street Archives Press.

What happens when a man goes from prison to college, and from failure to father? Incendiary Words: Sean On Fire is a collection of poems and personal essays written during and after incarceration. The inspiration behind each piece ranges from absolute heartbreak and psychological trauma to unyielding confidence, fiery ambition, and an overdeveloped sense of redemption. Can be purchased Here.

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