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This is the book store where our readers can find links to purchase books written by our writers. If you are a writer, and would like to post a link to your books for sale please follow the Book Store Guidelines.

Made Free: Overcoming Addiction is a book about recovering from Addiction and the Criminal Lifestyle. It can be purchased here


“Burning Girl” Is a book written by one of our authors, Robb White.
More of his books can be found Here.


Great books by Marco Etheridge can be purchased here.


Pablo is one of our writers. His book can be purchased Here.


Parisa Karami has an Art Journal on The Yard: Crime Blog. Her Book can be purchased Here.


Brian Beatty’s Book “Brazil, Indiana” can be purchased here.


Brian Beatty’s book “Dust and Stars” can be purchased here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.


You can purchase this book by Joseph Carrabis here.

Sgt. Mike Simmons has written a book about the John F. Kennedy assassination and it’s possible links to Hank Killam from Pensacola, Florida. You can purchase his book here.


Mickey Dubrow’s book American Judas can be purchased here.


Bogdan Dragos’s poetry book can be purchased here.

Jim Hinckley’s book about murder and mayhem on Route 66 can be purchased here.

JD Dugas moves back to his hometown of Eunice, Louisiana, to open the town’s first tattoo shop. But what seems like a perfect situation goes sideways from the get-go, and the arrival of JD’s childhood friend Curtis, an intelligence analyst from DC with delusions of grandeur, doesn’t help matters. Together, JD and Curtis use their wits, some less than legal tactics, and a little help from some old friends to take on their powerful and unscrupulous rivals. Tattoos and Tans can be purchased Here.


Constance Miller flees West Virginia to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend and joins friends in Lafayette, Louisiana, as they prepare for the annual Black Pot Festival and All Saints’ Day. But Butch will not be deterred so easily. When he tracks her to Lafayette, all hell breaks loose on Halloween night. It will take a visiting deacon from Vietnam, an ex-nun, and the boys from a popular Cajun band to pull Constance through it all. In the aftermath of tragedy, a local detective with his own troubled past begins to put the pieces together. As he closes in on the truth, Constance and her friends face dire consequences for what took place in a little country cemetery. All Saint’s Day of the Dead can be purchased Here.


Roundin Up a Bison: Stories, is a book written by Byron Spooner who has published a short story here on The Yard: Crime Blog, and we hope for more.

Critics had this to say about about Spooner’s book.

If you’re miserable because Ray Carver is gone, and the delicious Jean Shepherd is still dead, don’t be. if you love the ringing-clear dialogue and impossibly true-to-life behavior of the characters in Daniel Woodrell (Winter’s Bone), don’t be blue, run to your local independent bookseller and get a copy of local book man Byron Spooner’s Rounding up a Bison. Hell, run between the raindrops and snag a copy and bundle up once you get home and read it. All. Tonight. You may thank me tomorrow.

Beverly Langer, Extremely well-read Bookseller & Publishers’ Representative

With working-class wit, a strong sense of absurdity, and an ear for the conversations of not-so-wise guys, Spooner spins stories from the busted front porch of a faded American Dream. From hard-drinking Hackensack holidays to scheming, dog-eared New York booksellers, his characters eke out their livings and mistake-riddled lives calling to mind the early work of Richard Price and Richard Ford, 

–Robert Mailer Anderson, author of Boonville and Windows on the World

You can read more critics and purchase Spooner’s book, along with other books at his store Andover Street Archives Press.

What happens when a man goes from prison to college, and from failure to father? Incendiary Words: Sean On Fire is a collection of poems and personal essays written during and after incarceration. The inspiration behind each piece ranges from absolute heartbreak and psychological trauma to unyielding confidence, fiery ambition, and an overdeveloped sense of redemption. Can be purchased Here.

We always look to the greener pastures, thinking our lives would be so much better over there, but once over there, what if all we wanted was to come back? But we find ourselves trapped with the darker side to our fears. Melissa R. Mendelson’s book can be purchased HERE.


We all have a story to tell. Even the characters that we create have a story to tell. Their lives mirror our own during this pandemic, our struggle to survive, our conflict with perspective, and our need to live normal lives again. But not all of us get to go home in the end. Melissa R. Mendelson’s book can be purchased HERE.

“Uncovering Norman” by Susan E. Rogers can be purchased HERE.

Most people during their lifetime experience some contact with the spirit world. Their reactions can vary from laughing off such nonsense as coincidence to praying for the demon to leave them alone. But what would you do if a ghost wanted to be your friend? In this, the authors first book dealing with the spirit realm, she relates the true story of Norman, a ghost who has returned to become her spirit guide, protector, and friend. The story follows the first few years of their friendship and explains how the author uses her extensive experience with genealogy research as a way to prove and validate that Norman the Ghost actually existed as a real person. She successfully searches out the details of his life using clues that he gives her in their psychic communications. Along the way, they both learn some very valuable life lessons as they come to realize the reasons they are together in their current incarnations as well as the fact that they have been together in past lives. In the second part of the book, the author discovers one of those past lives when she and Norman were together as siblings. Once again, using her gifts in accessing the spirit realm and the Akashic Records, the author goes back with Norman to this past life in medieval Germany. Using the messages and information they receive in multiple visits back to this life, the author uses her research skills and techniques to find validation of multiple facets of their life together during that time.

In 1955 Harry Kavanagh’s uncle steals a ringside seat for a championship bout in Madison Square Garden. “Hey kid, out of my seat!” It’s Humphrey Bogart! Rewarding the kid for his moxie, Bogie gives him his fedora. It’s 2016 and years after the death of his wife, Felicity, Harry is still grieving. When the medical examiner commits suicide, Harry suspects his wife may have been murdered. Harry tenuously re-emerges into the world in an effort to find the truth. Along the way he is roughed up by the brawny brothers he nicknames the Liverwurst Twins, nearly drowns during a Nor’easter, is threatened by a mobster, and is rescued by a shadowy woman who is known to Harry only by the scent of her perfume. Armed with an acerbic tongue and an awakening rage, the once sedentary college professor serves out his sabbatical dishing out easy violence and a lecture to anyone who has the audacity to get in his way. Harry’s sidekick is his beloved Great Dane, Lolly. They’re assisted by his college-age son training to be a ballet dancer, his girlfriend, and an avenging angel living off the grid. Catching a murderer and donning Bogart’s hat as the ultimate reward are on Harry Kavanagh’s menu and within his grasp. Robert Honor is a graduate of Moravian College and NYU. He lives in the New York City area with his family and Great Dane, Pink. Buy it HERE.

Alex is framed by his ex-best friend Lou and fired for illegal drug use, dumped by his girlfriend, and mugged all in the same day.
After sending an anonymous letter to the newspaper’s owner claiming to have seen a fellow technician switch the drug test vials, Alex decides to head south for a new start and warmer weather.
He hunts for a new job along the way but no one wants to hire the big city newspaper reporter who supposedly was a drug addict. Although he protests his innocence, he can’t prove he was framed.
When an editor takes a chance and gives him a job as a crime reporter he is thrilled. Dell, his counterpart at the rival newspaper, isn’t. 
Everything is going great for Alex until he receives death threats. Someone wants to kill him slowly with a knife.
The suspects are:
Lou – Alex’s anonymous letter got him fired when the newspaper did another drug test.
Dell – a gay rival newspaper reporter who thinks that one crime reporter in the city is enough. 
Domino – the hit man who uses a knife to kill victims. 
Who sent the death threats? Will Alex find true love with a gay reporter or his new female bodyguard? Or will the hit man get him?
Read the 42,000 word novel and find out.
Buy A. Williams’ book HERE

Grimes’ Punishment by H.A.L. Wagner

“The action is gut wrenching in it’s realism, the characters described so well they get you either mad or give you a hard-on.” –Sons of Spade
A gripping example of vigilante justice that won’t be forgotten. In the vein of anti-heroes like Mikey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and Paul Kersey of Death Wish, comes a new PI Roger Grimes in his first novel. The first in this new series. Read how it all begins. Roger Grimes was a thief. At thirty, he knew it couldn’t last so he became a private investigator hoping to right past wrongs. His first case went smoothly. Big shot Attorney Willis Sanford hands him his second case, find a runaway teen girl in Daytona Beach, FL. What he finds is the stuff of nightmares. The sunny coastal town casts dark shadows and in them Grimes discovers a sex trafficking ring. Grimes must make a choice, turn it over to the cops or see it through to the end and unleash a violent storm on those who would hurt the most innocent among us.

Can be purchased at Amazon, along with the other books in the series and H.A.L’s other titles.


“Forget it, Jake. It’s Schenectady: The True Story Behind “The Place Beyond the Pines””
By David Bushman.

Stranger things do tend to happen in Schenectady—once a booming metropolis nicknamed the “City That Lights and Hauls the World” thanks to the dominating presence of General Electric and the American Locomotive Company, though those days are ancient history. GE has nearly abandoned the city, and ALCO closed up shot over fifty years ago. Hence, the title of this book: Forget It, Jake, It’s Schenectady: A Police Department Under Siege, and the Man Who Led It, a nod to the bleak conclusion of the classic film Chinatown, one of cinema’s most devastating expressions of abject resignation and defeat. A chance meeting between onetime Schenectady Police Chief Gregory Kaczmarek and author David Bushman in a Lyft car that Kaczmarek was driving was the genesis of this book, originally intended to track the rise and fall of a veteran cop with what appear to be two defining traits—an almost inhuman capacity for perseverance and a truly remarkable ability to attract notoriety and criticism. However, as the author’s research—including interviews with over two dozen people who lived through the events depicted in these pages.

Purchase at Amazon.

Murder at Teal’s Pond: Hazel Drew and the Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks.
By David Bushman and Mark T. Givens

In 1908, Hazel Drew was found floating in a pond in Sand Lake, New York, beaten to death. The unsolved murder inspired rumors, speculation, ghost stories, and, almost a century later, the phenomenon of Twin Peaks. Who killed Hazel Drew? Like Laura Palmer, she was a paradox of personalities―a young, beautiful puzzle with secrets. Perhaps the even trickier question is, Who was Hazel Drew?

Seeking escape from her poor country roots, Hazel found work as a domestic servant in the notoriously corrupt metropolis of Troy, New York. Fate derailed her plans for reinvention. But the investigation that followed her brutal murder was fraught with red herrings, wild-goose chases, and unreliable witnesses. Did officials really follow the leads? Or did they bury them to protect the guilty?

The likely answer is revealed in an absorbing true mystery that’s ingeniously reconstructed and every bit as haunting as the cultural obsession it inspired.

Purchase at Amazon.

“Your hands are screaming,” Moira explains, watching my compulsively wringing hands. “You’ve seen things, maybe even done things, that you can’t afford to remember.”

In the story that lent its title to this volume, the unnamed narrator struggles to remember his past. But what is the past? In some of these stories, a sense of the past creates the backdrop for almost prosaic characters in unexpected, or unimaginable, situations. In others, the time and place may feel familiar, even nostalgic, but the events often exist outside the realm of normality. Teleportation in the office lunch room? A very real descendant of a fictional character? An alternate way famous artworks might have been created? An apparently ordinary old woman who may be an angel, or perhaps a being our collective unconscious hasn’t dreamed of yet?

In this collection, Harry Neil’s characters interact with his created realities of time and place in ways that make you laugh, cry, cringe, sigh, or groan. But the one thing you won’t do is guess what will happen next.

Harry’s book can be purchased at Donella Press.


Crime Tales by K. A. Williams

Sixteen stories about murder, attempted murder, theft, blackmail, and other crimes.

Can be purchased HERE

Tour of Intrigue by K.A. Williams

A covert government agency intends to stop their former accountant, Richardson, from testifying against them, but they don’t know his location. They do know that an artist, Chris, is going to paint Richardson’s portrait before the trial. Chris is supposed to be contacted during a singles tour of the mountain region where Richardson is hiding out, and the meeting will be arranged.

Double agent CJ, codenamed Chameleon, is given the assignment to impersonate Chris in order to get to Richardson. Then he is to impersonate Richardson at the trial and give false testimony that will exonerate the covert agency.

Iceman, Chameleon’s evil partner, wants to kill everyone who interferes with the plan. Sandman, Chameleon’s other partner, is supposed to guard Chris while CJ is impersonating him. 

Chris, ignorant of the plot against him, meets Millicent and falls in love with her. He enjoys the mountain tour, and has a lot of fun at the western town where costumed actors have shoot-outs, bank robberies, and rob stagecoaches.  

Martin, the tour guide for the Back-To-Basics Singles Tour, is responsible for the safety of his 7 tourists, some of which are not on the tour just for fun. He overhears Chameleon and Iceman talking about their plans at the waterfall, and learns that Chris has been kidnapped. 

Can Martin rescue Chris? Which side is CJ really on? Will Richardson get to testify or do the bad guys win?

Read the 35,000 word novella and find out. it can be purchased HERE

Question of Vendetta by K.A. Williams

College students Morgan and his girlfriend Emma plan to make love in her SUV. They’re parked behind the bookstore when men in ski masks interrupt them. They drag Morgan out of the vehicle and beat him, showing no signs of stopping until Frankie drives up. The men leave quickly in the SUV taking Emma away from Morgan.

Frankie, who used to be a paramedic, takes the injured boyfriend home with him, because Morgan recognized the tattoo on a man’s wrist and knows that man is a cop. 

Morgan now understands that Emma’s father, who’s rich and powerful, had him beaten up by crooked cops. Afraid that Emma’s father wants him dead, he assumes another name. “Marty” works (and lives) at Frankie’s Pizzeria with Frankie, his wife, Angela, and their daughter until tragedy strikes five years later.

Did the family’s enemies from Italy seek revenge in the name of vendetta or was someone else behind the crimes committed? Will Morgan, aka Marty, come face to face with Emma or her father again and what will be the outcome of such a meeting?

Read the 36,000 word mystery/crime novella and find out. The Book can be Purchased HERE.

In Our Blood: The Mafia Families of Corleone By Justin Cascio

The Mafia is usually described as hierarchical, with capos and soldiers reporting to a boss. IN OUR BLOOD proceeds from a different view: that the Mafia’s principal organizational units are the mafioso and his immediate family. Pivotal figures in Mafia history, including present-day mafiosi, have direct genealogical ties to one another and to the earliest recorded Mafia gangs in Corleone. Organizing around the sacred bonds of blood, marriage, and godparenthood has proven vital to the success of the Sicilian Mafia in the United States. This fully referenced genealogical history of the Mafia families of Corleone names dozens of gangsters and their relationships to one another. The conclusions drawn from sociological and historical evidence are striking and have implications for Mafia families — and the rest of us. Whether your interest in the organization, migration, psychology, and family systems of the Mafia is personal or academic, this book is for you.

In Our Blood can be purchased HERE

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