The Family Vig

Flash Fiction by John Bobo Boston, Massachusetts “Hey!” “Yeah?” Mike cursed himself for answering the phone without screening the number, but at noon on his only day off, the pickup was pure reflex. “It’s me.” “Oh, OK.” He glanced at the screen. “You calling from a different number.” “Yeah, a pay phone.” “Where the hellContinue reading “The Family Vig”

Pole Dancer

By Seamus O’ Leary Jack and Nubs stormed up to the front of the South side Projects building. Jack went in the front door while Nubs went around to cover any routes of escape. Jack took the stairs, like he always did. He hated the confined space of the elevator, and prided himself on beingContinue reading “Pole Dancer”

Dexter and Milhaus

By Andy Betz Dexter knew where Milhaus lived. He knew where Milhaus worked. Dexter knew every aspect of the life of Milhaus. He even knew that Milhaus had to die today. What Dexter didn’t know was how he could kill Milhaus. It couldn’t be by any conventional means and it most certainly had to bothContinue reading “Dexter and Milhaus”

Spit for Luck

Western Fiction By Matthew Senn “If it’s so goddamn cold in here, how come I’m sweatin’ my ass off?” The three other men who stood with Rhys ‘Luck’ Cain in the small abandoned homestead, all gave him their fair share of looks as they watched him stand next to the small wood stove wearing aContinue reading “Spit for Luck”

A Bottle of Vodka

Flash Fiction By Dick Johnson It was summer when Joe walked into the bar on 2nd street. It was the same old place, and Billy was sitting in his same old spot, while the juke box played the same old “Sweet Home Alabama”, and people danced around. “Joe! You’re out! Let me buy you aContinue reading “A Bottle of Vodka”

Caged for Dinner

Horror Fiction By Chris Bunton One bite and the memories came flooding back like it was yesterday. He remembered the first time they met. It was at the fountain in the park, and his dog “Bowzer” had tried to hump her little poodle “Trixy”. They laughed so hard trying to separate them and keep themContinue reading “Caged for Dinner”

The Less you have, The More it Hurts to Lose it.

By Andy Betz Two Socks Mismatched No longer paired with their mates Two Socks Alone Singular purpose to keep that close-by warm Two Socks Attracted by static Kept attracted by a greater force Two Socks Needing a mate to be complete No longer needing an identical mate Two Old Socks Now together One New PairContinue reading “The Less you have, The More it Hurts to Lose it.”

The Swine Hunt

Crime Fiction By Pamela Ebel “Jan, where the hell are you? It’s almost sunrise and I need to get to Bayou Pointe by 6:00. I want to see where the boars are bedding down for the day. Where’s my breakfast?’ Her husband Tony’s angry shout reached down the hallway of the small apartment to Jan’sContinue reading “The Swine Hunt”

Shots Ring Out

By Matthew Senn My daddy was a paranoid man. Had every right to be too, ‘course. He’d always figgered someone would come lookin’ for ‘im one day. Never went into much more detail than that. One mornin’, he hears some shots ring out. He was a corn farmer then, our patch a land went fromContinue reading “Shots Ring Out”

The Psychic

By Alex Finch Everyone who claimed psychics were a scam truly had no idea what we really did. We’re not weathermen, lottery number sources, or sports casters. We don’t see the future at all! No man, dead or alive, can actually see the future. Psychics don’t bother trying to do the impossible. Instead, we seeContinue reading “The Psychic”