Things Change

A Tom Boyle Mystery by Alec Cizak I’d snagged action shots of a yuppie from Noblesville stepping out on his wife. The wife paid cash. A thousand bucks. Offered a little nookie on top. Good-looking woman. Mid-thirties. Green eyes. Wore a tight violet dress like they’d invented the color for her. Quoted Dorothy Parker aContinue reading “Things Change”

Detective Michael Penelope

By Andy Betz He understood he wouldn’t make it to the police.  His pace had slowed with every minute that passed.  Normally, he could count on his youthful exuberance to propel him forward. But that was then and this is now. The sun dried the blood in his hair, but not that on his forehead. Continue reading “Detective Michael Penelope”

TV Review: The Sinner

Review by Chris Bunton The Sinner is an excellent TV crime mystery drama. Bill Pullman plays Harry Ambrose, a detective who after solving a major case in season one, finds himself solving more mysteries in the next 4 seasons. We find that Ambrose has some personal issues that are pretty seedy. But, while he solvesContinue reading “TV Review: The Sinner”

Black Flies

By J.P. Seewald A short, heavy-set man bustled into Lieutenant Bill Granger’s office with an air of authority. Sergeant Karen Maitland raised her eyebrows questioningly.             “Dr. Cannard is an entomologist at Michigan State University. He’s here to help us solve the Larson case.”             The professor of science, dressed in a funereal black suitContinue reading “Black Flies”

Body Snatcher

By Kathleen Chamberlin Out of breath, Jake caught up with Felicia, stared, and whispered, “What should we do with it? Felicia turned on him, her look withering. “We don’t do anything with it. We don’t go near it. We don’t touch it. We leave it alone.”       They had stumbled upon the body as theyContinue reading “Body Snatcher”

Boris Wants To Be A Detective

By Andrew Ricchiuti Two years after the Great War, the city contained anarchists, Bolsheviks   and violent labor leaders. Some people claimed they were all the same. I didn’t know. I didn’t   care.  In my job, I chased and caught all three.                           Today wouldn’t be any different. The newspaper headlines screamed aboutContinue reading “Boris Wants To Be A Detective”

On A Dusty Road

By M.E. Proctor It was something out of a dystopian graphic novel. The gray brown color of the flat land, the lack of any vegetation that wasn’t a dry blanched stick, the barbed wire fences gaudily decorated with shredded plastic bags, and the constant caravan of trucks spewing exhaust fumes. Pumps dotted the area. AContinue reading “On A Dusty Road”

Smells Fishy

By Ruben Horn “Moin!” the jolly woman greets me with this common northern German salutation, as I step up to the counter of her fish shack. “Ein Bismarck-Brötchen… bitte!” I do my best to order my favorite, a Sauerlappen as they are also called, in her language. The woman with a short black tomboy haircutContinue reading “Smells Fishy”

Brotherly Love

By Kathleen Chamberlin In the moonlight, a large owl perched on the elm tree nearest the woods behind the Deerfield house. It scanned the surrounding area, blinking and turning its head, watching and waiting.  Soon, some unsuspecting victim would scamper into sight, searching for food. The owl would leave its perch, talons extended, swooping downContinue reading “Brotherly Love”


By Alec Cizak “It’s funny.” He scratched his khaki pants, picking at the sleeves of a pink button-down shirt. “A couple of nights ago, my daughter asked what it means to die. I always figured the sex talk would be the toughest. Turns out, explaining to a child that someday she’ll no longer exist, well,Continue reading “Darklands”