TV Review: The Fall Of The House Of Usher

By Chris Bunton The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix is a great series.  It’s difficult to describe it was so well done. The story follows the fall or destruction of the Usher Crime family. It takes place in modern times and describes the paranormal rise and fall of the family. Each episodeContinue reading “TV Review: The Fall Of The House Of Usher”

Ruby, You’re Like A Song

Mystery Fiction by Harry Neil “This ain’t a hearin’ or anything formal like that, but we got two people dead, one of ’em a deputy, and I need to figger out why. I been chief in Tin City for over twenty years, and ain’t nothin’ like this ever happened before. Last real murder we hadContinue reading “Ruby, You’re Like A Song”

The Heiress

Crime Fiction by David Hagerty Upon her death, the same scribblers who depended upon Eleanor’s wisdom disparaged her. When she drowned by a barge in a lake, reporters from across the country, including her own newspapers, converged on that mud puddle sensing scandal. They found only slander. Though they published no photos of the scene,Continue reading “The Heiress”

Detective Michael Penelope

By Andy Betz He understood he wouldn’t make it to the police.  His pace had slowed with every minute that passed.  Normally, he could count on his youthful exuberance to propel him forward. But that was then and this is now. The sun dried the blood in his hair, but not that on his forehead. Continue reading “Detective Michael Penelope”


by Daniel Robinson “Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”–Bob Dylan Some days in October, Seattle can be an old city without any hope as the clouds huddle heavy above the city, threatening another rain. The buildings between First and Second Avenues block even the stray bits of sunlightContinue reading “Snuff”

Body Snatcher

By Kathleen Chamberlin Out of breath, Jake caught up with Felicia, stared, and whispered, “What should we do with it? Felicia turned on him, her look withering. “We don’t do anything with it. We don’t go near it. We don’t touch it. We leave it alone.”       They had stumbled upon the body as theyContinue reading “Body Snatcher”

The Face Keeper

By Gratia Serpento Kenan watches his wife as she moves about the bathroom, brushing her teeth and readying herself for bed, quietly humming a Black Eyed Peas song as she always does. His wife is wearing old pajamas that have stains and holes, her dark hair tied up in a ratty bun, and she hasContinue reading “The Face Keeper”

Blood & Water

by David “Dapeki” King She let out an ear-stabbing screech and gripped the steering wheel with her soul. But she wasn’t strong enough. The tires of the car screamed as they veered left too sharp. Her leg was forced down onto the pedal even harder as her voice cracked mid-scream, unable to exert any moreContinue reading “Blood & Water”


By Eve Taft Journal recovered from the CS Dolores, found empty and dead in the water on July 9, 2005. The crew, including Ben Hawthorne, author of the journal, remain missing and presumed dead. July 6, 2005I’m sober again. I took a job on a container ship as an “Ordinary Seaman.” My brother didn’t evenContinue reading “Doldrums”

The Campfire Project

by Matthew Downing “Oh, Calipari! The sun isn’t even out yet,” Mary groaned like a teenager asked to do their chores. Calipari pressed his cold snout under her chin. Pushing the whimpering bulldog off her face, she scooted to the end of the bed and crawled over Allen’s purple, gouty toes. Allen’s snoring stopped; MaryContinue reading “The Campfire Project”