The Family Vig

Flash Fiction by John Bobo Boston, Massachusetts “Hey!” “Yeah?” Mike cursed himself for answering the phone without screening the number, but at noon on his only day off, the pickup was pure reflex. “It’s me.” “Oh, OK.” He glanced at the screen. “You calling from a different number.” “Yeah, a pay phone.” “Where the hellContinue reading “The Family Vig”

True Crime: The Liberty Bank Robbery

Historical Crime By Chris Bunton On February 13th 1866. The Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri was robbed. It was the first bank robbery committed in the daytime during peace years, in the United States.  It is not sure if Jesse or his brother Frank were involved. But, they are given credit for it.Continue reading “True Crime: The Liberty Bank Robbery”

Pole Dancer

By Seamus O’ Leary Jack and Nubs stormed up to the front of the South side Projects building. Jack went in the front door while Nubs went around to cover any routes of escape. Jack took the stairs, like he always did. He hated the confined space of the elevator, and prided himself on beingContinue reading “Pole Dancer”

Back For Seconds

Crime Fiction by Gregory Meece George hadn’t eaten since Monday. It was Wednesday afternoon. He got in line as quickly as he could because Harvest House sometimes ran short around the holidays. “Man, you stink,” said George to the fellow ahead of him. He recognized Iggy by the man’s heavily tatted arms that protruded fromContinue reading “Back For Seconds”

Dexter and Milhaus

By Andy Betz Dexter knew where Milhaus lived. He knew where Milhaus worked. Dexter knew every aspect of the life of Milhaus. He even knew that Milhaus had to die today. What Dexter didn’t know was how he could kill Milhaus. It couldn’t be by any conventional means and it most certainly had to bothContinue reading “Dexter and Milhaus”

TV Review: The Fall Of The House Of Usher

By Chris Bunton The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix is a great series.  It’s difficult to describe it was so well done. The story follows the fall or destruction of the Usher Crime family. It takes place in modern times and describes the paranormal rise and fall of the family. Each episodeContinue reading “TV Review: The Fall Of The House Of Usher”

In Our Blood:

The Mafia Families of Corleone By Justin Cascio This is an excerpt from Justin’s book. How Families Create Social Value for the Mafia The Mafia began in the latifundia of inland, central-western Sicily, in the decades after the Bourbon king replaced feudalism with private land ownership (Blok, 1974; Hess, 1973/1998; Mack Smith, 1988; Lupo 1993/2009).Continue reading “In Our Blood:”

Things Change

A Tom Boyle Mystery by Alec Cizak I’d snagged action shots of a yuppie from Noblesville stepping out on his wife. The wife paid cash. A thousand bucks. Offered a little nookie on top. Good-looking woman. Mid-thirties. Green eyes. Wore a tight violet dress like they’d invented the color for her. Quoted Dorothy Parker aContinue reading “Things Change”