It Stank!

Hard Life Story by Dick Johnson

(Graphic Sex Warning)

Tommy held the window open so Mandy could climb inside the old brick building. It was sometime in the 80’s and Tommy was going to get laid for the first time.

Her parents were at the flea market in the park across the street. They were running a table selling handmade and antique fishing lures. Tommy had been talking to Mandy all week at Littleton High School, where he was a freshman and she was a sophomore.

Well actually, she had been talking to him. He had no game and no clue, So, she was actually working on him, and said dirty things to him with a big smile and a twirl of her hair.

She invited him to the flea market where she was stuck with her parents. So, when Saturday came Tommy rode his Diamondback racing bike up to the park. It was a big park for such a little town. There were trees and all the usual parky type things, along with an indoor pavilion where the flea market was going.

She told her parents that Tommy was taking her to get a soda. He had no idea what she planned for him. But he had decided to make a plan for her. And instead of a soda, he led her out of the park and across the street. He pushed his bike as they walked along chatting, to the side of one of the abandoned buildings that surrounded the park.

Tommy had grown up sneaking in and out of the old buildings throughout town, and this was a good one. They used his bike as a ladder and climbed up into the window of the building that faced the alley.

The bugs calling each other in the weeds were deafening, as Tommy closed the window shutting them out.

The room was as you’d expect. Broken down. Ceiling collapsed with plaster piles on the floor. Dirt and dust and raccoon crap everywhere. The windows filthy and cracked.

But they were alone. And they knew why.

In his young lust he rushed upon her and started kissing her. She smiled and said,

“What are you doing?”

‘Nothing.” He said.


“I’m just…Nothing.” He said.

She smiled and he continued to kiss her neck and lift her shirt to see her breasts.

They were nice. She was a little big, so they were big, with large nipples, and he sucked them.

He had seen tits in the magazines he found behind the pharmacy in a trash bag, but not like these. He hoped he was doing it right. He really wasn’t sure.

He seemed to suck her titties forever and started to get a little bored till she took his hand and guided it down her pants.

He was amazed. It was hairy and big and wet. She unbuttoned and unzipped her pants so he could get a better feel. He had no clue what to do but imagined that he needed to stick his finger in there. Maybe like his penis. Maybe that would make her feel good. So, he did. Over and over. He hoped she didn’t know that he was clueless. He wanted to be an expert for her.

“What is that smell?” He thought.

He wanted to ask her but he wasn’t sure if it was supposed to smell like that and he didn’t want to seem like an idiot. So, he just kept playing with it.

She started to rub his hard penis.

“I want to see it.” She said.

He pulled his hand out of her pants and resisted the urge to sniff his finger. He unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor, then his underwear.

She grabbed him and rubbed him. Then turned and walked over to an old kitchen table. She turned and pulled down her pants and under wear then sat down on one of the dirty chairs with her legs spread.

He was completely floored. This was happening. This was happening. Look at it. It looks weird but oddly inviting. All hairy and open. Her pants were wrapped around her right foot and she lifted her leg to place her other foot on the table.

He came to her. shuffling forward with his pants around his ankles. They were getting filthy but he didn’t care. Something was drawing him to her and he just stared at the special place.

Finally, he got there and squatted down in front of her Then, he grabbed his penis and started to push it inside. He hoped this was right. He waited for her to scream or laugh or tell him to stop or get away. But she didn’t. He hoped this was the right hole. Not her butt. But maybe it was supposed to go in her butt. His mind reeled with all kinds of things as he finally made it totally inside.

He was in!

Then he pumped once, twice, three times and he quickly pulled it out because he was cumming. It felt amazing, and he was so happy he had finally done it with a real girl.

But he also felt kind of guilty and weird. He didn’t know if he had done it right. Or if he was going to get in trouble. He just felt strange and wanted to get away from her.

He stood up and pulled up his pants. He smiled at her then quickly looked away. He could not look her in the eye. He was waiting for her to yell at him. But she never did.

She stood up and pulled up her pants, without a word. She walked over to the window and he followed her. There was not a sound, and his mind was everywhere, along with that smell that burned into his memory.

He helped her out the window. She went back to the flea market and he rode his bike to his friend’s house.

He could not wait to tell his friends.

He pulled into the yard of Bennie’s little white house. He jumped off his bike and ran to the door banging on the metal screen door.

Heavy metal music poured through the house, as Bennie came to the door. He pushed up his thick glasses and opened the screen door to let Tommy inside.

Bennie’s mom wasn’t home. She was never home.

Bennie turned the stereo down a bit.

“Man!  I fucked Mandy and it stank man. It Stank! It was crazy.” Tommy said, full of excitement.

Bennie just looked at him, but didn’t really share his excitement.

Tommy calmed down a bit. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to be this excited. Had Bennie already been with a girl?

“Here! Smell!”  Tommy offered Bennie his finger for a sniff, thinking Bennie would get excited too.

“Man, get that out of my face. That’s gross. The whole house smells now.” Bennie said.

Tommy didn’t know what to do.  How could something so cool turn so bad? Why was everybody acting so weird? Why did it stink?  He didn’t know.


The next day at school Tommy walked through the front foyer where everybody congregated before classes started. He noticed all the girls were looking at him and laughing. He wasn’t sure. Maybe he was imagining it.

He carried his backpack into the bathroom. And threw it over his shoulder to use the urinal. A group of guys came in and one of them said.

“Hey, Three-Thrust how they hangin?”

He wasn’t sure who they were talking to, so he ignored them and went out of the bathroom and back into the large foyer where everyone was standing around in their select groups.

He went to stand with his friends. As he walked, he looked around, and people were definitely laughing at him.

He saw Mandy with all her friends, and the girls were giggling, at him. Why?

He got to his friends and Joey, who was always a dick said.

“What’s up Three-Thrust?”

“What are you talking about, man? Tommy asked

“You man. That’s what Mandy told everybody. You hardly got your pants down.”


“Ol, Three-Thrust” Joey said, smirking.

Tommy wasn’t sure what he did wrong. Or what Three-Thrust meant. But Joey was a dick, and he was making fun of him for something. So, Tommy launched himself onto Joey, with a sucker punch right in the nose.

They started wrestling and fighting on the ground till Mr. Watson came and broke it up.

He grabbed them and took them down to the assistant principal’s office. It was a long hallway full of lockers on each side, and Tommy was soooo confused.


Tommy laid on his bed reading a Conan comic book. Posters covered his walls. Girls, Dragons, KISS posters and other rock bands. He was grounded for beating up Joey.

He really didn’t understand why. Joey deserved to get punched. He should have kept his mouth shut if he didn’t want to get punched. What was he supposed to do run and tell like a little snitch? Just stand there and let Joey make fun of him?

Not that it mattered. He spent a lot of time grounded anyway. He liked reading, and it was all he was allowed to do when he was grounded. His dad, who was never around, would ground him from report card to report card, every time he got a bad grade.

All Tommy was allowed to do was homework and read. Sometimes his mom let him go do stuff when his dad wasn’t home. Course Tommy also snuck out every chance he got, or skipped school, and then intercept the letters the school sent in the mail.

His dad made him do his homework and checked it. But Tommy never turned it in. He didn’t like homework, and his dad wasn’t going to tell him what to do. He could force Tommy to do the work, but not force him to turn it in or do well on tests. It was a battle of the wills.

The phone rang.

“Tommy! It’s for you!” His mom yelled.

He rolled off the bed, opened his bed room door and went into the kitchen where his mom stood. Holding the phone.  She smiled.

“It’s a girl. Do you have a little girlfriend,” his mom teased.

Why do they make fun of him? He hated it.

“No.” He said.

Taking the phone, he stood looking at her till she turned and left with a smirk

“Hello?” He said with a whisper.

“I’m pregnant.” Mandy said.

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m a girl and I know. I’m late, and I’m never late.” She demanded.


He had no clue what to say or do. He thought about apologizing, but it seemed weird.

“You did this.” She said. “You forced me. I’m going to tell my dad. It’s your fault. You made me.”

“No. I didn’t. It’ll be OK. I’ll help. Maybe we can get an abolition.” He said.

“You mean an abortion?”

“Yeah…is that ok?  I can maybe get money.” He said.

“You tricked me into having sex with you. You practically raped me, and now you want to force me to have an abortion?”

“No! No! I didn’t mean that!” he whispered forcefully into the phone, hoping his mom wasn’t listening.

“You raped me and got me pregnant and now you want to kill it.” She said.

“Please no! I’m just trying to help. I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m telling my dad and he’s going to kill you.” She said.

“Can we please just talk? Maybe we can figure something out?’

“OK. Take me to the movie friday.” She said.


“Take me to see Freddie. The Nightmare Movie.” She said.


“Ill be out front. Don’t be late. I like to watch the pre-views and I want popcorn.” She said.


She hung up.

“Good bye” He said and hung up.


Tommy didn’t know what to do. He didn’t rape her. He liked her and would take care of her but she was going to ruin his life.

She was going to tell her dad, and he was going to kill him. Or, he’d go to jail and get raped by Bubba.

He didn’t know what to do. He had to fix it, or hide it. His dad would kill him too. Everybody at school would make fun of him. He was a rapist, All the girls would talk about him. They already made fun of him for the Three-Thrust. Now they would hate him.

His mind rolled and rolled trying to come up with a solution.


Tommy went to his mom.

“Mom, can I go to the movie Friday?” 

“Are you going to go with that girl you talked to on the phone?” She asked smiling.

He ignored her.

“Can I go?’

“You’re grounded.” She said

“I know. But, it’s a cool movie and I wanna go with my friends. Please.”

“What happened to the girl?” She asked.

“I don’t know. She’s just a friend.”

“Is she going to be there?” She asked, smiling.

“Maybe…I don’t know…”

“Ok…You can go. Do you need money?”

“Yes, I gotta take her and buy popcorn too.” He said.

“Ok…Don’t tell your dad.”

She fished around in her purse and pulled out a wallet. She opened it and handed him some money.

“Thanks mom.” He said, and went back to his room.


Friday came and Tommy took his back pack and threw in a pair of work gloves and a claw hammer. He zipped it up and tossed it on his shoulder.

“Bye Mom! I’m going to the movie.” He yelled back into the house as he left to walk through the neighborhoods to the theater. The sun was setting to the west casting long shadows on his deep thoughts.

When he was half way there he passed Johnson’s woods. It was a small wooded area near town where all the kids hid to drink, smoke and fuck.

He went a little way down a trail and hid the back pack near a large tree, then he went back to the sidewalk.

He got to the theater and Mandy was waiting outside.

“I didn’t think you were coming.” She said.

“Yes. I didn’t want you to think anything bad”

“Well, I have some good news…”She said, and leaned in. “I started my period.”

She patted him on the back as he felt great relief and forgot all about his fears of prison rape.

“So, you’re not mad at me?”

“No.” She said.

“I didn’t rape you.”

“Oh I didn’t mean that.” She said.

“OK. Let’s go inside.”

He paid for the tickets and went inside.

They bought popcorn and a drink.

Then, he led her to a seat and they sat down.

She kissed his neck as the lights lowered to darkness and whispered in his ear.

“Have you ever had a blowjob?”

“No.” He said.

She lowered her head into his lap, unzipped his pants and went to work.

Tommy gripped the theater seat armrest tightly. He really wasn’t sure what to do, but it felt really good.

“Would you be my girlfriend?” He asked.

She paused her work, and lifted her head slightly.

“Maybe.” She whispered to his belly button. ” Don’t cum in my mouth.”

What was he supposed to do now? Where should he cum? He needed to know pretty quick.

She grabbed some tissue from her purse with one hand as she kept going. Then she lifted his shirt slightly.

He was panicking and tapping her on the shoulder.

She kept going for a second longer then lifted her head.

He felt something hit his chin, then she covered his dick with the tissue. And looked around the mostly empty theater to see if anyone one was watching.

She leaned in for a kiss and he slightly turned his head to avoid her mouth.

She smiled, and pulled the tissue off his dick. Half of it stuck to it and left dabs of tissue on it.

She wadded it up and threw it on the theater floor.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend” she whispered into his ear.


The show ended and they went outside.

“Can I walk you home?” He asked.


They walked through the cool air and under street lights as they neared Johnson’s Woods.

He thought about the backpack and the hammer. One quick blow to the head. He had a plan.

But he liked her. And he trusted her. And everything was ok now. He wasn’t a rapist. So, he squeezed her hand tight and they walked past the opening to the dark dark trail.

They both felt a chill.

“That was weird…It felt like someone walked over my grave.” She said.

“Yeah, I felt it too.” He said.

“That was a scary movie…”  She said.

“Yeah it was. Freddie is cool.”

“Yeah…” She said.

And they continued on.

Bio: Dick Johnson is a writer from St. Louis, Mo.. He likes to tell stories on the grittier side of life. Dick Johnson has several stories on The Yard. Read them HERE.

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