By Eve Taft Journal recovered from the CS Dolores, found empty and dead in the water on July 9, 2005. The crew, including Ben Hawthorne, author of the journal, remain missing and presumed dead. July 6, 2005I’m sober again. I took a job on a container ship as an “Ordinary Seaman.” My brother didn’t evenContinue reading “Doldrums”

I Knew Her As Gracie

By Andy Betz Sometime after my father moved from the old house to the new house (in Missouri), I met Gracie.  She was neither beautiful nor well accomplished, but she was nearby and that alone spoke volumes to her character. Our home sat on a small ten acre vegetable farm far removed from the centerContinue reading “I Knew Her As Gracie”

Heir of the Witch

By Pasha Entertainment “Heir of the Witch” is a feature length horror film created by Pasha Entertainment. It will be streaming world wide on August 4th, 2023. This film is the first full length film from Pasha Entertainment. The writer Victoria Bell, loosely drew inspiration from her grandmother, who was a Moldovan Witch. “Victoria servesContinue reading “Heir of the Witch”


By Ron Riekki “Godzilla’s awesome.” “Godzilla’s weak.” “Godzilla’s the opposite of weak.” “Muhammad Ali’d kick Godzilla’s ass.” “Godzilla’s nine hundred feet tall.” “No, I’m saying if Muhammad Ali was nine hundred feet tall, he’d kick Godzilla’s ass.  If they were the same height.  If Godzilla was six feet tall and Muhammad Ali was six feetContinue reading ““10-54””

Good Friends

By William Foulke Tsssssss! The match hissed to life, its flame wavering a little in the late afternoon as if threatening to go out. Claire Frye put the flame to her Newport before it could, then sat back on the metal high top chair and looked out over Dauphine Street among the rows of rainbowContinue reading “Good Friends”

Smells Fishy

By Ruben Horn “Moin!” the jolly woman greets me with this common northern German salutation, as I step up to the counter of her fish shack. “Ein Bismarck-Brötchen… bitte!” I do my best to order my favorite, a Sauerlappen as they are also called, in her language. The woman with a short black tomboy haircutContinue reading “Smells Fishy”

Brotherly Love

By Kathleen Chamberlin In the moonlight, a large owl perched on the elm tree nearest the woods behind the Deerfield house. It scanned the surrounding area, blinking and turning its head, watching and waiting.  Soon, some unsuspecting victim would scamper into sight, searching for food. The owl would leave its perch, talons extended, swooping downContinue reading “Brotherly Love”

The Campfire Project

by Matthew Downing “Oh, Calipari! The sun isn’t even out yet,” Mary groaned like a teenager asked to do their chores. Calipari pressed his cold snout under her chin. Pushing the whimpering bulldog off her face, she scooted to the end of the bed and crawled over Allen’s purple, gouty toes. Allen’s snoring stopped; MaryContinue reading “The Campfire Project”


By Alec Cizak “It’s funny.” He scratched his khaki pants, picking at the sleeves of a pink button-down shirt. “A couple of nights ago, my daughter asked what it means to die. I always figured the sex talk would be the toughest. Turns out, explaining to a child that someday she’ll no longer exist, well,Continue reading “Darklands”

Today’s Lecture

By Andy Betz “If you will take your seats please, we might be able to start today’s lecture.  I am Professor Bigelow and this elective is entitled, Advanced Techniques in Serial Killing.  The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with a myriad of techniques in the art of serial killing.  I sayContinue reading “Today’s Lecture”