Not All Poems Rhyme

By Lynne M. Chin PROLOGUE House of painThere was no one to helpThere was no one who would believe itThe previous night’s beating was the last oneThe latest threat was the final oneThe only way to break the cycle THE LAST DAY Phone call from the chief of police Can you get over to theContinue reading “Not All Poems Rhyme”

Grasp The Madness

By Devin Farmer A correctional officer’s duty is misconstrued and scorned by those shrouded in ignorance, Continuous torment, mentally and physically, swirled vigorously with a battle of intellect. The madness hidden within, patiently waiting, watching, striking at first insecurity unveiled. Remain vigilant and unpredictable, express empathy not sympathy, portray insensitivity, Obtaining and maintaining these attributesContinue reading “Grasp The Madness”

Beating Her

I was working at my desk in the morning.When I heard some banging and pounding,from below me. The neighbors were fighting again.But, this was different.This was screaming. It was the sound of punching through flesh.The sound of slapping skinThat sound of hands raised in defense,while a fist plows through to break a nose. Pounding, pounding,Continue reading “Beating Her”