Rob Rob

By Jimmy Boom Semtex


Rob Rob

Success is good if you get success

People will respect you if you’re successful

But what if a bank robber is successful?

Getting all that money from his raids

Dozens of robberies and hold ups 

Netting him millions terrifying hundreds

Threatening aiming shooting robbing taking

All down to success a man and a pistol

The intent to succeed no matter what

With his drive to rob banks lifting the cash

But its fine the money is insured

Keep your eyes open he’ll hit a bank

Near you and take your savings

Which the bank will pay back

Coz they’re effing rich!            

Let’s rob a bank…

(People think crime is easy and will pay. I often think about this. I knew criminals in the past including robbers and murderers. My dad was a copper. I knew both worlds. It inspired this poem.)

Bio: Nick Armbrister, is from Manchester, England. He’s been writing since April 1996 and published since Nov 96. He is very much a part of the late 90s ‘small press’ writing scene, published in mags, ‘zines, anthologies and later in the 00s, online and in his own books. He’s worked for an American publisher before but left due to editing issues. He has self published a hundred books under Nick Armbrister and his pen name Jimmy Boom Semtex. His variety of work is huge. He has written with a wide variety of poets/authors. He loves to be creative. He likes hiking and high ground and also loves tattoos and aeroplanes. His books are on the usual sites and stores. He can be found HERE on Smashwords. And HERE on Blogger.

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