By Jimmy Boom Semtex


was a gun fighter armed to the hilt

with black teeth from chewing tobacco

carrying a forty five on each hip

each locked loaded ready to go

shooting lazy white men who wanted

to fuck bonk shag have possess her

those big fat slugs whacked them

down like dead dogs in the cemetery

almost as bad as red indians 

who were native but red from the white

man’s obsession with booze women

guns gambling gold money war scalping

teresa fitted her slugs into them all

like they’d fit their small cocks

inside her if they could but none

ever did for they were dead kaput

brought to earth by her latino power

brought to the west by the wind

Bio: Nick Armbrister, is from Manchester, England. He’s been writing since April 1996 and published since Nov 96. He is very much a part of the late 90s ‘small press’ writing scene, published in mags, ‘zines, anthologies and later in the 00s, online and in his own books. He’s worked for an American publisher before but left due to editing issues. He has self published a hundred books under Nick Armbrister and his pen name Jimmy Boom Semtex. His variety of work is huge. He has written with a wide variety of poets/authors. He loves to be creative. He likes hiking and high ground and also loves tattoos and aeroplanes. His books are on the usual sites and stores. He can be found HERE on Smashwords. And HERE on Blogger. He has previously published the poem Rob Rob on The Yard.

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