Dirty Blog 8

(The Dirty Blog is based upon the idea of “What if” a career criminal decided to write a blog, just like anyone else.) I was at Manny’s bar, where I had previously gotten a couple of jobs. One was collecting some gambling debts, and the other was following a guy’s girlfriend, and then beating upContinue reading “Dirty Blog 8”

Dirty Blog 6

I was at work at the hardware store today, when the Parole Officer showed up. He’s been showing up more often lately. I wonder if he knows something. He’s a dick, but I can’t really complain because he gives me a lot of leeway. He wanted me to piss in a cup for a drugContinue reading “Dirty Blog 6”

The Dirty Blog 4

(This is part 4 of a continuing series, the other posts can be found here, here, and here.) I needed to get some money coming in, so I could quit working at the hardware store once I got off parole. I had several hustles in the works. One of them was debt collections. Which canContinue reading “The Dirty Blog 4”

The Dirty Blog 3

(This is number 3 in a series. You can find the others here.)      That $400 wasn’t much, and I feel bad for cracking my boss like I did. At least that was until he complained about my being late. I’m seriously tired of him. I might destroy something in the store or steal something.Continue reading “The Dirty Blog 3”