Santa Cruz 1970

By Carl Boon I live over on Collier in a duplex with a Mexican girl who’s studying to be a nurse’s aid. She wants to work in a mental hospital after watching some documentary about schizophrenics on Channel 6. I tell her some of those people would just as soon stick a fork through herContinue reading “Santa Cruz 1970”

Dead Flies

By Lindsay Fudim By the time my swatter cracks down on the porch railing like a court gavel the fly is a pancake. Again, I lift the swatter to the air and mercilessly bring it down on the dead fly’s companion, sending sawdust and splintered wood into the air as I do so. “By God,Continue reading “Dead Flies”

What I’ve Learned Watching Murder

By Andy Betz The best murderers have an array of tactics, but heavily rely on just these strategies. The KISS principle:  There is no need for exotic chemicals, disguises, or elaborate plans when committing murder. A simple shiv between the ribs is easy. A lateral thrust between the third and fourth true ribs with aContinue reading “What I’ve Learned Watching Murder”

Just To Get High

By Matthew Serback i.I bought weed from the white girl who lived next door to me. She was a child-monster whose face was full of freckles that were mopped up by her brown hair, which obfuscated her eyes and never let her make eye contact with someone she must’ve consider to be a loser. ii.TheContinue reading “Just To Get High”

Under the Knife

By Hillary Lyon “You know, darling, not everyone is as fortunate as I am,” here the old woman paused to massage citrus-scented serum into the crepey flesh of her throat. She tilted her head to admire her own jawline. Her much younger assistant, Mandy, rolled her eyes. Gazing in her dressing table mirror, the oldContinue reading “Under the Knife”

Starting Over Again

By Andy Betz When the police were notified, I was in the middle of sealing the final boxes. I gave my daughter the keys and deed to the house as well as my power of attorney. I had made peace with my choices and was ready for what was to come. I waited on theContinue reading “Starting Over Again”


By Dick Johnson “Yeah, I shot her in the face. She fucking deserved it.” The detectives looked at me like I was crazy. “You shot her?” “Yeah” “Because you caught her cheating?” “No” “But you knew she was cheating?” “Yeah, I walked in on her. The guy was on her just pumping away. But noContinue reading “Confession”

Seen It Many Times

By H.A.L. Wagner The school bus blocks my view of Murray Russel’s new place. The city obviously didn’t do their predator checking lately. Murray shouldn’t be within 1,000 feet of this stop. Just another pleasurable reason to take this bastard out. The bus passes leaving no child behind. In the large picture window stands Murray.Continue reading “Seen It Many Times”