What The Reader Read

By Andy Betz “Francis, when are you going to get a raise?”  “Francis, when are you going to stand up to that boss of yours?”  “Francis, get over here and LISTEN to me when I’m talking to you!” If I heard her harping once, I heard her harping a thousand times before.  My Margaret hadContinue reading “What The Reader Read”

Fade Out

By Michael Fontana Armed robbery seemed easier to Al than first thought, wandering into the convenience store like an actor from a movie, bandanna over the lower half of his face, stocking cap pulled down low to conceal forehead and brow, right gloved hand holding out the gun, left gloved hand waving the empty bagContinue reading “Fade Out”

Kayla The Drink Cart Killer

By Todd Sentell Kayla Beaver Sexxx (not quite her real name) was the long-time and hugely popular golf course-roaming drink cart girl at the prestigious Falcon’s Nest Golf Club for the usual reasons. For a drink cart girl, the usual reasons, which are pretty much the same as the actual job requirements at a monstrouslyContinue reading “Kayla The Drink Cart Killer”

The Last Time the Poet Looked Out Her Window

By Hillary Lyon Viv badly needed a writing prompt. She had the urge to create, an urge building like a thirst on a mid-summer day. Imperceptible at first, then the longer she went without satiation, the more apparent, more demanding the urge became. She took a sip of her tepid green tea. I’ve got toContinue reading “The Last Time the Poet Looked Out Her Window”

I Knew Her As Gracie

By Andy Betz Sometime after my father moved from the old house to the new house (in Missouri), I met Gracie.  She was neither beautiful nor well accomplished, but she was nearby and that alone spoke volumes to her character. Our home sat on a small ten acre vegetable farm far removed from the centerContinue reading “I Knew Her As Gracie”

Smells Fishy

By Ruben Horn “Moin!” the jolly woman greets me with this common northern German salutation, as I step up to the counter of her fish shack. “Ein Bismarck-Brötchen… bitte!” I do my best to order my favorite, a Sauerlappen as they are also called, in her language. The woman with a short black tomboy haircutContinue reading “Smells Fishy”

Today’s Lecture

By Andy Betz “If you will take your seats please, we might be able to start today’s lecture.  I am Professor Bigelow and this elective is entitled, Advanced Techniques in Serial Killing.  The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with a myriad of techniques in the art of serial killing.  I sayContinue reading “Today’s Lecture”

Descent Into The Stygian Veil

By Scott Bowers The small town of Oakridge had always been a quiet, unassuming place. Nestled amidst rolling hills and surrounded by dense woods, it seemed untouched by the bustling chaos of the modern world. Children played in the streets, their laughter mingling with the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind. But beneath theContinue reading “Descent Into The Stygian Veil”

The Hit

By Jason Smith   Tom Kelly had plenty of time to think about the anonymous person who had hired him to kill his brother Conor. When he was told that this anonymous person had asked for him specifically and the amount of money this person was prepared to pay him, he couldn’t turn it down.Continue reading “The Hit”

Anger, Lust and Greed

By Scotch Rutherford June 8, 1980 Max was up before the sun. It was a habit he couldn’t shake. Three tours will do that to you. The hooker from the night before was asleep in her clothes next to him. He had that clammy feel on his skin, like he was covered in hair gel.Continue reading “Anger, Lust and Greed”