Protecting Ginger

By Seamus O’ Leary

“Vaccines made me a criminal” Nubs said.

“What?” Jack asked

He looked out of the Lincoln’s driver side window at the cheap south side hotel where Ginger and the girls were performing.

“Yeah, they say that vaccines have chemicals that affect the brain and give kids, ADD, ADHD, Autism, and stuff like that. Some kids die in their sleep from it. They call it SIDS.” Nubs said.

“I’ve gotten vaccines my whole life and I’m fine.” Jack said.

“Yeah but when we were babies maybe we got a bad vaccine, that messed us up and we became criminals because of it.” Nubs said.

“I’m a criminal because of a series of unfortunate events.” Jack said with a laugh.

“Yeah, me too; unfortunate for a lot of people”. Nubs laughed.

“So, what are you sayin?” Jack asked

“Maybe we would have been better kids, and not gotten in so much trouble early on, if a vaccine hadn’t of fucked us up?” Nubs said.

“Are you saying we are retards?” Jack asked.

They both laughed.

“Yeah we are fucking retarded.” Nubs said. “What did you wanna be when you was a kid?”

“I wanted to be a soldier.” Jack said

“I wanted to be a cop.” Nubs said.

They both laughed.

“You wanted to be a fucking cop?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, but I kept getting into trouble. I thought it was because I was poor and raised wrong. But, now I think I got fucked up somehow because not every poor kid turns bad.” Nubs said.

“I see what you are saying. But, I don’t know. I made choices and you made choices.” Jack said.

“That’s true.” Nubs said.

A girl came running out of the hotel half naked waving her arms like some bird. It was “Juicy”.

Jack and Nubs bailed out of the car and ran toward the room.

As they ran, Jack shoved his hand into his pocket and grabbed his brass knuckles while Nubs pulled his .44.

Juicy held the door open while Jack and Nubs charged in.

The room was typical. Two queen beds with 2 naked girls and 2 naked guys standing around.

Ginger was fighting to leave the bathroom. While someone kept yanking her back inside.

“Fucking let me go!” Ginger yelled.  Her red hair waving as she struggled half naked.

“Get in here bitch!” The guy in the bathroom said, yelling at her, and pulling on her.

Nubs stepped to the side as soon as he entered the room, and placed his back against the wall, guarding everything in the room; while Jack ran straight to the bathroom.

The guy had gotten Ginger back inside the room. Jack kicked the door, forcing it open, sending the guy smashing into the glass shower stall doors, while Ginger fell onto the toilet.

Jack was on the guy, quicker than hell cracking him twice in the face with the knuckles, knocking him cold.

He pulled Ginger up.

“Get your shit and get your girls and get the fuck out.” Jack said.

Ginger ran out of the bathroom and grabbed her stuff.

Jack came out of the bathroom.

“Get your shit and go. Get all of it.” He told the girls.

They moved like crazy and were out the door.

Jack dropped the knuckles into his pocket and drew his .357.

“Give me your fucking money.” Jack said, to the other two guys standing by the beds.

“We paid you and you beat the grooms ass. That should cover it.” The fat one said.

“You owe me for the fucking headache. Beating his ass was what he owed. Now, you owe me for throwing a party for a fucking douche bag.” Jack said.

The guys grabbed their wallets from their pants and threw them on the bed.

“Just the cash. Keep your cards and shit.” Jack said.

“They grabbed their wallets and threw cash out on the bed.

Nubs collected it while Jack watched.

“Ok, nice doing business with you. And always remember “Jack’s Happy Time” party service for all your party needs.” Jack said.

Jack and Nubs left the room and walked quickly over to the Lincoln where the girls had piled in the back seat.

“Ginger, you cause me a lot of trouble. I’m not sure you are worth it.” Jack said, sitting down in the driver’s seat.

“Oh, I’m worth it Jack.” Ginger said from the back. “I really am.”

Bio: Seamus O’Leary is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. He has written several stories posted in The Yard. “That Money“, “Friends with Benefits“, “.38“, “Pole Dancer” “Visiting Mom” and “A Day at the Track

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