Pole Dancer

By Seamus O’ Leary

Jack and Nubs stormed up to the front of the South side Projects building. Jack went in the front door while Nubs went around to cover any routes of escape.

Jack took the stairs, like he always did. He hated the confined space of the elevator, and prided himself on being healthy and not lazy. The metal steps rang and scraped as he climbed to the third floor.

He peeked through the window in the metal door that opened into a hallway, before he opened it. He pushed the door open and walked down the hall past piles of trash outside rooms as the door banged shut behind him. Music came out of several of the rooms he passed.

They were occupied, but he really didn’t care if they heard what was going to happen. There was nothing they could do, and most people in this neighborhood, know better than to be a snitch.

He stopped at apartment 305, halfway down the hall, and knocked on the door. He stepped to the side in case someone decided to shoot through the door. But, no one did.

He knocked again and the door opened. It was a short pretty, dark haired girl who peeked out past the chain that secured the door.

“Is Terrance here?” Jack asked.

“No” She said.

“I know he’s here and I know he’s listening. So, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to show you some pics.” Jack said.

He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket, and scrolled to some pics of a girl who was beat up, and showed them to the girl in the doorway.

“This is Ginger. I call her that because she has beautiful red hair. Ginger is a stripper, and Terrance beat the hell out of her, because she laughed at his little dick.” Jack said.

Fire entered the girl’s eyes, and she looked away from Jack and into the room, behind her.

“Don’t you lie to me!” She yelled at someone in the room.

“Baby, I swear! I was not with her. I did not do that. He’s lying.” Terrance said.

Jack quickly scrolled to another pic showing Terrance with Ginger before they went to a private room to party. He showed it to the girl at the door.

“Oh hell no!” She yelled into the room.

Jack quickly called Nubs, who answered.

“He’s here. Stay on the line.” Jack said into the phone.

Jack could hear Terrance pleading through the door with the girl.

“Baby, I swear…” He said.

“Get out of here Terrance. I’m gonna let them have your ass.” She said.

She shut the door, removed the chain and flung the door open. Terrance came bolting out like a crazy bull. He slashed at Jack with a kitchen knife.

Jack stepped back to dodge the slash, which opened a hole for Terrance to run through. And he was gone like a flash down the hall way to the stairwell. Jack chased him, yelling into the phone.

“He’s coming down the stairs!”

Jack ran down the stairs, and out the front door, where he found Terrance lying on the ground with Nubs standing over him holding his .44 magnum on him. Jack came up and pulled his .357.

“You beat up the wrong girl fucker.” Jack said.

“Come on man! What’s the big deal? She’s a whore. She’s just a pole dancer.” Terrance said, begging.

“She’s not a whore, and she’s MY fuckin pole dancer.” Jack said.

He opened fire on Terrance and Nubs joined in killing Terrance..

Jack and Nubs pocketed their pistols and walked back to the car.

“Ginger must be worth a lot.” Nubs said.

“She’s worth a lot to me.” Jack said.

Bio: Seamus O’Leary is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. He has written several stories posted in The Yard. “38“, “Friends with Benefits“, “Protecting Ginger“, “Visiting Mom”, among others.

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