Serial Killer: Dale Anderson

By Chris Bunton I traveled to Belleville Illinois, recently to research the serial killer Dale Anderson. My research took me to Belleville High School East, where the body of Audrey Cardenas was found in June of 1988. She was an intern for the Belleville News Democrat at the time. The area where she was foundContinue reading “Serial Killer: Dale Anderson”

On A Dusty Road

By M.E. Proctor It was something out of a dystopian graphic novel. The gray brown color of the flat land, the lack of any vegetation that wasn’t a dry blanched stick, the barbed wire fences gaudily decorated with shredded plastic bags, and the constant caravan of trucks spewing exhaust fumes. Pumps dotted the area. AContinue reading “On A Dusty Road”

The Last Time the Poet Looked Out Her Window

By Hillary Lyon Viv badly needed a writing prompt. She had the urge to create, an urge building like a thirst on a mid-summer day. Imperceptible at first, then the longer she went without satiation, the more apparent, more demanding the urge became. She took a sip of her tepid green tea. I’ve got toContinue reading “The Last Time the Poet Looked Out Her Window”

Sexual Cannibalism

By Sunny Castiglioni If there’s a trope that’s going remain permanent in any kind of horror media, it’s cannibalism. I have to guess that’s a fear ingrained in our DNA from our evolutionary years of being at the bottom of the food chain. I went through a phase of being absolutely terrified of being eaten,Continue reading “Sexual Cannibalism”


by Tyler Grant Worms… There’s so many different kinds: threadworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms, just to name a few. Often, people carry these little parasites for years without even knowing they’re inside them. But they are. And they’re feeding off of us. If enlightened, you might say that’s normal, that there’s medicine for them, butContinue reading “Worms”