Starting Over Again

By Andy Betz

When the police were notified, I was in the middle of sealing the final boxes. I gave my daughter the keys and deed to the house as well as my power of attorney. I had made peace with my choices and was ready for what was to come.

I waited on the porch swing for the inevitable.

My wife, Dorothy, smiled and sat by my side. We had a wonderful time together in this house. We promised this swing was to be used for future plans. As things were, reminiscing seemed to be a better use for my time.

“Do you have any regrets?” For most couples, this sentence is the balm for minor transgressions. For Dorothy and I, how I wish it were so.

“As far as the children go, I have none. For our 46 years together, it has been Eden.”

Dorothy knew I was the kidder.

“John, you do realize we were married for 47 years?”

She said this as she rested her head on my shoulder, her hand holding mine.

Neither of us looks either in the eyes. It was our way to stare into the future, always wondering what part we would occupy, never in doubt that we would always be together.

I had trouble holding back the tears. Dorothy was my rock today.

“I forgive you for choosing Stan over me.” I heard the sirens in the distance.

“I forgive you for doing what you did.” Dorothy was still my rock.

My handles began to tremble. Hers never did.

My daughter watched from the kitchen window.

She walked past my body when she was sure the poison had taken effect. She promised to explain the events surrounding both my suicide today and Dorothy’s murder last year. I made her swear she would follow my instructions to the letter.

It was the last thing I saw from this life.

Dorothy greeted me again as I entered hers again.

Together at last.

Bio: The works of Andy Betz are found everywhere a search engine operates.  Andy has written many great things that have been posted to The Yard: Crime Blog, including, “Water” with Jaysa Brown, “The Less You Have, the More It Hurts To Lose It”, “I Knew Her as Tigist“, “How My New Life Began“, “Et Tu“, “Senny” with Dounia Saunders, “Oleander“, “The Best Advice I Ever Got“, “If I Ask Your Opinion“, “As the Sun Sets“, “Walter,” “The Saddest Lies“, “By Morning”, “Nicole and Julia: Death at Poolside”, “Julia and Katherine” “The Caretaker”, “The Carlton Theater” with Samantha Fowler and “minus“. He has also been interviewed.

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