Book Review: Westward The Tide

By Chris Bunton

A Book Review for “Westward the Tide”.

The novel was written by Louis L’ Amour. It is part of the Lost Treasures series. Which is an effort by his family to release writings never released in the author’s lifetime.

The story tells of a group of wealthy investors, who create a plan to mine gold and build a town to support the effort.

They form a wagon train to take people to the mine site and begin the building.

But, as the wagon train is forming, it becomes obvious that things are not what they seem and sinister happenings are afoot.

The posted description on Amazon reads:

“Matt Bardoul was a good man to have as a friend and a bad one to make trouble with. He was also a single-minded drifter—until he met his match in an outspoken beauty named Jacquine Coyle. She was headed into the Bighorn Mountains with her father and an expedition in search of gold. After Matt signs on to join them, he discovers that there is a group of outlaws in the party—gunfighters and thieves that Matt wouldn’t trust for a minute. At first it’s unclear what they are planning, but before long Matt realizes that he’s the only man standing between innocent people and a brutal conspiracy of greed, lust, and cold-blooded murder.”

Louis L’Amour is a fantastic writer. His attention to detail is top notch. He can describe things that add flavor to the story without bogging the reader down with too much detail. But, perhaps that’s what makes him one of the most prolific best selling writers in history. He still sells books world wide over decades.

Louis L’Amour has lived a life of adventure and writes about adventurous people.

He says this about himself. “I think of myself in the oral tradition–as a troubadour, a village tale-teller, the man in the shadows of a campfire. That’s the way I’d like to be remembered–as a storyteller. A good storyteller.”

I have enjoyed every Louis L’Amour book I have ever read. From the Sackett series, to his individual novels.

If you like a good western adventure. Louis L’Amour is the best.

According to his Amazon bio, He is “The recipient of many great honors and awards. In 1983 Mr. L’Amour became the first novelist to ever to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the United States Congress in honor of his life’s work. In 1984 he was also awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Reagan.”

He died June 10th 1988.

This book “Westward The Tide” was published by Bantam in October of 2022.

“Westward The Tide”, along with L’amour’s other novels can be purchased in book stores, or on Amazon.

Bio: Chris Bunton is a writer, poet and blogger from Southern Illinois. He has published fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

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