The Ride

By Hillary Lyon

conversation traveled along
the Möbius strip of her mind
she took the sharp curves     fast
with no seat belts or air bags

you unlocked the glove-box of her heart
found it stuffed with crayon scrawled maps
candy wrappers      six shiny
bullets and a warm pistol

red and blue lights     flashed
in the mirror of her mouth
toss care out the window she said
or risk a fistful of crumpled summons

she gave you a sugar-bell kiss
ringing with excuses      alibis      and lies
like she was a bandit fleeing shadowy g-men
and you were just along for the ride

Bio: With a Masters in English Lit, Hillary Lyon founded and for 20  years acted as senior editor for the independent poetry publisher,  Subsynchronous Press. Her speculative fiction and crime short stories,  drabbles, and poems have appeared in numerous print and online  publications. She’s also an SFPA Rhysling Award nominated poet. Hillary also creates illustrations for horror/sci-fi, and pulp  fiction sites. She’s the newly appointed Assistant Art Director for Black Petals.

She has published “Tell Me a Story” and “On The Menu” previously with The Yard. She can be found at her website HERE.

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