The Sunny Side Of The Street

Police Fiction by M. E. Proctor “Pull over,” Tom Keegan said. “Let’s stop the carnage.” “Oh, come on! Haven’t you had enough for one day?” Al “Matt” Matteotti was driving the unmarked. He always drove. He said it relaxed him. The way he handled the San Francisco streets, it sure didn’t relax Tom. Matt’s frustrationContinue reading “The Sunny Side Of The Street”

A Stranger in the Trailer Park

By H.K. Slade Thunder rattled the windows of the rundown double wide. A heavy wind slung thick sheets of rain into the sides of the trailer, drumming the aluminum walls and seeping under the door. Deputy Joshua “Country” Tumblewhite stood in the center of the living room, dripping water onto the thin carpet and prayingContinue reading “A Stranger in the Trailer Park”