Blood & Water

by David “Dapeki” King She let out an ear-stabbing screech and gripped the steering wheel with her soul. But she wasn’t strong enough. The tires of the car screamed as they veered left too sharp. Her leg was forced down onto the pedal even harder as her voice cracked mid-scream, unable to exert any moreContinue reading “Blood & Water”

Book Review: The Heights

By Chris Bunton This book review is about “The Heights” written by Ray Franze It is a historical fiction novel, expected to be released in October by Blue Handle Publishing. The book tells the story of Sal Liparello, a mobster from Chicago Heights, who rises up and builds a criminal empire during the days ofContinue reading “Book Review: The Heights”

Have You Ever Written A Suicide Note?

By Lipika Pande There are only a few who can describe the experience, and you are unfortunately one of those. You are divided into parts; one that wishes for a miracle, for someone to call and ask, “Hey, you need help?”. For a sign to tell you, this is not what you’re supposed to do.Continue reading “Have You Ever Written A Suicide Note?”

What The Reader Read

By Andy Betz “Francis, when are you going to get a raise?”  “Francis, when are you going to stand up to that boss of yours?”  “Francis, get over here and LISTEN to me when I’m talking to you!” If I heard her harping once, I heard her harping a thousand times before.  My Margaret hadContinue reading “What The Reader Read”

Fade Out

By Michael Fontana Armed robbery seemed easier to Al than first thought, wandering into the convenience store like an actor from a movie, bandanna over the lower half of his face, stocking cap pulled down low to conceal forehead and brow, right gloved hand holding out the gun, left gloved hand waving the empty bagContinue reading “Fade Out”

Boris Wants To Be A Detective

By Andrew Ricchiuti Two years after the Great War, the city contained anarchists, Bolsheviks   and violent labor leaders. Some people claimed they were all the same. I didn’t know. I didn’t   care.  In my job, I chased and caught all three.                           Today wouldn’t be any different. The newspaper headlines screamed aboutContinue reading “Boris Wants To Be A Detective”

Solo Performance: A Stage Play

By Jerome Berglund Warehouse, North Minneapolis. Night. The BLACK BOX of a small, hole-in-the-wall convertedtheatre. It can’t hold more than three rows of chairs, sixseats to each, split down their center by a narrow pathleading to a pair of swinging double-doors accessing anantechamber which exits to the street. A handful of TENUOUS ACQUAINTANCES andIMMEDIATE RELATIVESContinue reading “Solo Performance: A Stage Play”

Kayla The Drink Cart Killer

By Todd Sentell Kayla Beaver Sexxx (not quite her real name) was the long-time and hugely popular golf course-roaming drink cart girl at the prestigious Falcon’s Nest Golf Club for the usual reasons. For a drink cart girl, the usual reasons, which are pretty much the same as the actual job requirements at a monstrouslyContinue reading “Kayla The Drink Cart Killer”

On A Dusty Road

By M.E. Proctor It was something out of a dystopian graphic novel. The gray brown color of the flat land, the lack of any vegetation that wasn’t a dry blanched stick, the barbed wire fences gaudily decorated with shredded plastic bags, and the constant caravan of trucks spewing exhaust fumes. Pumps dotted the area. AContinue reading “On A Dusty Road”