The Criminal Prosecutor Series

By Victor Kusske

The Criminal Prosecutor is a series of crime fiction books, self- published by author Victor Kusske.
It is a “crime trilogy that takes place in the 1970’s in the west. It’s a story of the murder of a mother and wife combined with the adventures of a downtown foot patrol officer.”

The First Book “The Fight for Yakima” is about “Twenty-four-year-old Joe Creed, fresh from college in the 1970’s, and raised in a conservative Catholic family, was hired as a downtown foot patrolman. After attending the police academy, his foot beat included numerous bars, adult bookstores, pool halls and businesses. Stockman’s Bar, which was visited by just about every pimp, harlot, drug dealer, thief, robber, and pervert that prowled the area, was Joe Creed’s unofficial precinct. It was a half block from The Alaska Corral Topless Bar, the second most visited place for thugs and murderers. The wild street action, combined with a labyrinth of old Chinese tunnels under the city, put the young officer on a steep learning curve, and made the downtown foot beat a challenging place.
In a shocking development, the county prosecutor bought and moved his family into a killer’s home, in an attempt to buy the killer’s silence.
Foot Patrol Officer, Joe Creed, with the help of an FBI agent, and the testimony of the slayer, exposed the dishonorable county prosecutor and his corrupt connections, resulting in two major, lethal encounters.

The Second Book “The Flight from Yakima

Is a stand alone read. It “describes the search in the mid 1970’s for a rogue narcotics detective who escaped from the dragnet in the first book. Nicolas Cabot, former Army Special Forces soldier with a horrifying curriculum vitae of Vietnam war experiences and now a wanted, disgraced, narcotics detective is tracked to the Mexican Baja Peninsula by FBI Agent Marty Goodson and former foot patrolman Joe Creed. They elicit the help of Mexican Navy Captain Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Cabot’s former Mexican girlfriend, a retired tunnel rat soldier, named Snake, and a host of other fascinating characters who assist in locating and confronting the indicted former soldier-narcotics detective in events that are remembered on the entire Baja Peninsula as the night of destruction.”

The Third Book, “The Return to Yakima

Tells us, “The unthinkable event at the Mexican border prompts a complete change by the authorities on how to respond to a drug and violence epidemic spread by cartels and organized crime in the Western Hemisphere. The changes are risky to the well-being of citizens and law enforcement authorities. If successful, however, the actions taken can greatly improve the peace and security of the United States. Joe Creed is not well, and he takes some unimaginable risks during a shootout. Find out if Joe succeeds in making Yakima and the country a better place, or if he loses the final gun battle.”

These books are written by Victor Kusske. He is a “former foot patrol officer, traffic investigator and detective retired from the Yakima Police Department in 1996. He worked for two years investigating fraudulent insurance claims and then for the State of Washington managing child support cases, locating and seizing assets.”

His books can be found on Amazon, or at his website, Ten-Eight Publishing.

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  1. Thank you for posting the Criminal Prosecutor series ! Volume IV of the series is nearly finished. The text is being edited and then formatted. The title is “Burning Yakima, arson fires and organized crime in the 1970’s and 80’s. ” I researched for about nine months before I started writing. I’m sure you’ll like it. Vic

      1. Maybe you’d be interested in having us create another post for your series and any other works you’ve done?

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