Height Advantage

by John Mahoney My iPhone buzzed in my pocket, the alert I’d programmed into its memory. Barnes & Noble captivates me, but Wyler wouldn’t want to hear that. I shelved the manga neatly with its siblings. My left hand was at my side, and I looked down, feeling a tug of its pinkie. The girlContinue reading “Height Advantage”

Grasp The Madness

By Devin Farmer A correctional officer’s duty is misconstrued and scorned by those shrouded in ignorance, Continuous torment, mentally and physically, swirled vigorously with a battle of intellect. The madness hidden within, patiently waiting, watching, striking at first insecurity unveiled. Remain vigilant and unpredictable, express empathy not sympathy, portray insensitivity, Obtaining and maintaining these attributesContinue reading “Grasp The Madness”

Altered Evil

By Chris Bunton      It was the end of October, and the haunted house was over. He felt sad that he would not be able to frighten any more children, or the mommies escorting them. No more hot chocolate. No more secret conversations in the dark with the skinny little clown girl, who followed him everywhere.    Continue reading “Altered Evil”

Captain Odike Reads His Newspaper

By Mark Cassidy In his office in the Elembe Police Division compound behind the Oil Mill market on Ikwerre Road, Captain Odike sat down at his desk and stirred a handful of crumbled McVitie’s digestive biscuits into his milky tea while he opened the newspaper brought for him by his sergeant. Outside the window atContinue reading “Captain Odike Reads His Newspaper”

Phantom View

By Ben James As Sam waited for an elevator, he admired the lobby of the skyscraper that housed the SCZ Group’s headquarters. He’d been in ritzy Manhattan office buildings before, but this space seemed particularly elegant, and slightly intimidating. Anxiety overtook him as he studied the vaulted ceiling and immaculate marble walls. He suspected thatContinue reading “Phantom View”