About Poetry Submissions

We accept and love poetry of any style so long as it can be linked to crime in some way. For example, poems about a crime committed on you. Poems about poverty and the affects, poems about escape from the lifestyle, or drugs, or alcohol. Poems about prison. Poems about dark urges. We want truth and honesty. Poems about abuse. Poems about overcoming failure. Poems about saving someone or helping someone involved with crime or a victim. Poems about Justice and Freedom. Anything that can be linked to crime and the criminal lifestyle.

Please, don’t give us poems that are like…”I was in this cell, it was a real hell…so I went to the yard, and I found my pard….”

It won’t get published, not because it’s not heart felt or because it’s bad, but because 50 other people said the same thing. It’s easy. Pour out your heart. Let us inside. Give us the ugly truth of what it’s like to be you and what you saw or experienced or felt. Be real. Study some poetry books. Read poetry from other people. Take a class. Read examples here. We want to hear from you.

Here are the general Submission Guidelines.

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