Submission Guidelines

These are the guidelines for submitting to The Yard. It is our intent to try and give every writer a fair treatment.

Please use Times New Roman in 12 pt font. Double Spaced. Send a Word document. If you use certain programs for writing, it could cause problems with posting and/or formatting.. We will try to fix it, but it could lead to rejection. We don’t accept AI.

We will try to get to you in a timely manner. Simultaneous submissions are fine. But, please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere.

Do not submit things published elsewhere unless it’s your own blog, or if it has been removed or legally able to be published again. We will give you an acceptance agreement if you are accepted.

Give us a 3rd person bio with your submission, and make sure we have email contact info. We will advertise The Yard to promote your writing here, and we will promote your books and blogs. Good consistent writers will be promoted as well. We want you to succeed, and we will succeed with you.

Along with your contact info. Tell us what category you feel your piece will best fit into.

We are also putting a picture with each submission. Pics tend to get more hits. If you have a picture, or an idea for one, please let us know. We are talking about a pic that speaks of the piece. Not a picture of you, unless you want to add one to your bio.

We here at The Yard, want to grow. We want to pay writers, and we will eventually do that. As we grow, we hope to generate an income that allows us the ability to pay everyone, including ourselves. But, we do not currently pay. We work to promote you, and help your writing get noticed; while at the same time growing The Yard.

Please submit through Submittable or through Email.


When submitting through email, send a Word doc. Or copy and paste into the body of the email, for small things like poems or flash fiction. If you have questions or difficulty, contact us and we will help you.

Send email to

We are also accepting videos, podcasts, guest blogging, and photo journals. Send us a query through the Email address and we will check it out.

(updated July 19, 2023)

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