A Long Walk

Poetry by Ralph La Rosa

This winter night two fugitives

from Jackson Prison rob his store

out in suburbs where he lives,

blind and bind him, knock him out,

stuff him on their Dodge’s floor,

and drive him north for Canada.

They startle him awake before the border,

yank him out, unblind his eyes.

He’s told to walk toward distant water—

warned, don’t look back or he’ll be dead.

Plowing through snow, and hours later,

freezing at daylight, he finds help.

Awake, he’ll reminisce with jokes,

but Dad’s moans and fearful shouts

in nightly dreams of endless walks

awaken me to total darkness.

Bio: Ralph La Rosa is a Poet from Los Angeles, California. His poetry appears widely on the Internet, in print journals and anthologies, and in the chapbook Sonnet Stanzas and full-length collections Ghost Trees and My Miscellaneous Muse. Ralph has also posted two other poems in this series on The Yard. His Funeral and Honor Thy Father

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