TV Review: The Sinner

Review by Chris Bunton

The Sinner is an excellent TV crime mystery drama. Bill Pullman plays Harry Ambrose, a detective who after solving a major case in season one, finds himself solving more mysteries in the next 4 seasons.

We find that Ambrose has some personal issues that are pretty seedy. But, while he solves his cases we see that the process is also helping to heal him of his own demons.

The series is a great mystery show and has a wonderful psychological aspect that really ties it all together with fabulous characterization.

I found myself looking forward to watching another episode, and starting to care about the character. Which to me is a sign of a great show.

The series was originally developed for USA. It has 4 seasons and can currently be found on Netflix. It stars Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose and he is the only recurring character, season to season.

It was developed by Derek Simmonds. The Executive Producer is Jessica Biel and she stars in season one as Cora Tannetti. The first season is based upon a novel by Petra Hammesfahr titled The Sinner

You won’t be disappointed if you like dark detectives.

More Info on The Sinner can be found HERE.

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