Who Killed Missy Witt

On December 1, 1994 Melissa “Missy” Witt was attacked and abducted from the Bowling World bowling alley in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Her car was left behind, but she was gone; just vanished. Her friends and family were sick with worry.

Then on January 13, 1995 their worst fears were realized. Melissa’s body was found in the Ozark National Forest. She had been brutalized and murdered.

An investigation ensued, but grew colder and colder as leads dried up, until it stopped. It currently sits waiting for more information to bring it back to life.

LaDonna Humphrey, felt driven to do something; anything to help. She has worked to keep the effort to find Melissa’s killer, going. She has created a website where information can be gathered and shared. She has created a documentary entitled “Uneven Ground” which tells the story of the Melissa Witt case.

You can find more information at the Website, and Facebook page.


And if you have any information about this case please contact LaDonna at
whokilledmissywitt@gmail.com or at an anonymous tip line. 1-800-449-1922

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