Tool #2

By Chris Bunton and VT Comics

(Tool #1 can be found HERE.)

The crickets and sounds of the peeper frogs were deafening in the forest as he silently moved along.

Their sound brought him peace and joy, in the midst of the turmoil of his mind.

“How could this be true? How could I be some kind of half inter-dimensional super powered human? I am Irish from a long string of Irishmen and Scots-Irish, digging coal in Southern Illinois. I am half polish. I am not half Russian, and something else. How could this be? My mom lied to me. My dad didn’t know? But this explains a lot.” He thought as he traveled along.

He could see the moon light shining through the forest canopy onto the Big Muddy River to his left as he glided along to his cabin on the creek. It was hard to believe that this world was not as it seemed. That there were things beyond us that made our world seem like a giant fish bowl.

He was drawing near to his cabin. Everything was becoming more familiar, but he also noticed that the sounds of the night creatures had changed. They were less free. There was heaviness on their singing that told him something was wrong.

He could see the mercury vapor light on the pole from his yard shining through the trees. Everything looked normal. But, still.

He snuck around the outskirts of the clearing where his cabin sat, watching and listening for anything out of the ordinary. He could not tell if anything was wrong.

“Heck with it” he said, as he stepped out of the trees and into the clearing. He walked toward his cabin, waiting for an attack at any moment.

He didn’t have to wait long.

A spot light from above exploded upon him, lightening up the entire clearing and blinding him.

“Micheal O’ Toole you are under arrest by order of the United States Department of Homeland Security! Put your hands up and get on your knees.” A voice shouted through a loud speaker from above.

He needed to know what he was dealing with. His combat mind was calculating options, and already had several escape plans, but he needed as much info. as possible.

He looked up, and past the blinding spot light to see what he assumed to be 3 giant drones with silent wind fans. They looked just like the small drones, but were much larger. They probably housed weapons, and maybe even carried troops.

He decided to play victim till his enemies revealed themselves or made a mistake. He did not know what he was dealing with yet.

Tool raised his hands and dropped to his knees. He really had no idea what this was about. He had committed no crime and other than his encounter earlier in the evening, he had no reason to be concerned. He was just a bouncer at a river bar.

“What did I do?” He asked, yelling at the light. “What’s going on?”

Although fear was something he never felt. It was one of his “super” powers. He still did a very good job of pretending to fear.

“Put your hands behind your back. Once we get you secure we can clear this up.” A voice said.

Tool looked toward his cabin where his night vision power showed him three figures walking toward him. The one in front, who was the leader and the speaker, was a physically fit military type, but he was also some kind of cyborg. The one to the right was massive but muscular. The other one was very thin, but of a wiry muscular build.

“I’m only going to say it one more time.” The cyborg said.

“Oh please do.” Tool said, as he turned on his aura of fear power and charged the three man team.


A blanket of fear enveloped Hound, Cannonball, and Ghost, as the suspect charged them.

None of the team could react fast enough due to the extreme level of indecision and doubt pounding their minds. All they could do was think about getting away from this monster that was coming to destroy them.

Cannonball leapt to the side, while Ghost teleported away. As soon as both men exited the range of the aura of fear they renewed their desire to attack and reentered the fray, only to be stricken again with a desire to flee before they could engage. They were trapped in some kind of emotional ping pong game.

Hound took the attack full in the chest, being unable to escape the speed of the suspect.

He was knocked to his back and was taking a pounding by the fists of Michael O’ Toole.

His cybernetic computer registered damage occurring by the pounding to such an extent that the system was in danger of being destroyed. It also registered that the human part of its system was being affected by some kind of energy field that was forcing it to seek to flee or surrender.

Hound’s cybernetic defense system reacted by emitting a stun blast that knocked Michael off Hound and sent him flying a few feet to land on his back dazed. Hound rolled over onto his hands and knees, shaking his head trying to recover from the beating he just took.


Tool was dazed. That stun bolt had almost knocked him out. He considered returning to the battle, but his combat mind told him the wisdom of escape.

So, he rose and ran into the forest dodging around the trees, using his night vision.  He looked behind him and saw the light from the drones was gone. He figured they flew above him, tracking him though the canopy by watching his heat signature.

His endurance was amazing, and he could run for days, but that did not mean he would escape. He already heard the three man team behind him, moving through the forest in pursuit.

He ran toward the river and dove in. Maybe the cool water would mask his heat signature. He still did not know exactly what he was dealing with.

As soon as he hit the water, it happened.

He was transported in his mind to another place. It was not just in his mind, it was totally real.

He was in a massive throne room within the giant city in the bubble under the great infinite sea. The room was lit by globes of bioluminescence floating in the air. The room was full of beings of every type of mythological or fantastical sea creature. Mermaids, and mermen lounged around near water portals. Harpies, Sea hags, Cyclops, water nymphs, Nereids, Water elementals, and beings that resembled the Creature from the black lagoon. Ancient beings of the Deep. Titans of long ago, and terrible power, were all represented.

Before him was a throne made of corral, which sat upon a stepped pyramid. And on the throne was a giant of a man. He was perfect in every way. His hair was long and green, like the sea. His eyes were grey like a growing hurricane. Then, he spoke and his voice seemed to emanate from everywhere.

“I am the Prince of the Power of The Sea. I am the god of the sea. I am known by many names from the beginning of time. Leviathan, Neptune, or Poseidon. I rule the waters and everything in it and everything it touches.

“You are a demi-god. The time of the Shift and the Great War approaches. You must decide upon whose side you will abide. Your power to travel between realms will be a deciding factor. And you must be ready for what is to come. I am informing you of this so that you will be prepared to choose to join me and the rest of our family in this epic struggle, for rulership of the realms.”

Tool was stunned and did not know what to say.

“I do not know what is happening. How can I decide?”

“You will learn. And the decision will be made whether you know it or not. Choose wisely, for your eternity depends on it.”


He awoke still diving into the water of the river. He had only traveled for what seemed a second. He swam under water without breathing for several minutes due to his endurance ability.

He rose to the surface silently further down river and on the other side. He looked up and saw a couple of the large drones hovering in the clearing above him. They were silent, and if it wasn’t for his night vision he would not know they were there.

He climbed up the slippery wall of the river bank and ran off into the dark forest again.


Hound and his team stopped at the edge of the river.

“He dove into the river and it cooled his heat signature slightly, but I can still track his soul. He has a very powerful spiritual presence, which I cannot explain.” He said.

“Nobody cares about that.” Cannonball said. “Can you target him?  I wanna go home.”

“He’s about 50 yards past the river bank in a straight line moving swiftly.”

“Ok.” Cannonball said. He turned back and stormed a few yards. Then he turned again and rushed to the edge of the river.  He leapt up into the sky and his form could be seen disappearing through the air, over and behind the canopy on the other side.

Hound still tracked Cannonball’s soul, moving in an exact trajectory with the target below him. Hound looked at Ghost.

“Be careful. Cannonball is reckless and will not hesitate to blow his top with you standing there.”

“I won’t be standing there.” Ghost said as he teleported to the other side of the river and moved off into the darkness.

Hound looked at the river. “I hate getting wet.”

He leapt from a standing position and landed 25 yards into the river; just shy of the opposite bank. He crawled up the slick side and moved into the forest after Tool.


Tool heard a noise coming from above that sounded like a massive mortar shell dropping. He almost yelled “Incoming!!” as he dove for cover.

A massive man smashed through the forest canopy and landed on the ground. He stood there for a second looking around with night vision goggles till he located Tool, who was rising to stand.

“Stay where you are.” Cannonball said.

“Why are you after me?” Tool asked.

“That’s on a need to know basis and right now, you don’t need to know.” Cannonball said.

“Just surrender and come with us” Hound said as he entered the area.

Tool looked at him and at the drones that had moved into position above.

“Yeah that’s not going to happen.” Tool said

Hound quickly fired a stun blast from his cybernetic arm hitting Tool, and knocking him back a foot, but it had no real stun effect.

Hound upped the force and fired again; striking Tool and knocking him back, but again no real effect.

“Enough of this!” Cannonball said, charging forward.

Hound fired again at max power, while Cannonball, detonated himself. The blast knocked Hound and Ghost back.

Hound recovered and charged into the smoke. He had fired full blast and hit Tool.

He arrived at the crater left by Cannonball, who was standing nearby looking down at an unscathed Tool, lying unconscious against a tree that had been blasted in half by Cannonball’s explosion.

Hounds blast was strong enough to blow him apart, and Cannonball’s detonation should have annihilated the corpse.

But, neither thing happened. He was unsure if handcuffs would even hold this guy.

A giant drone looking vehicle floated down from above into the devastated clearing.

A door slid open in the side and a man in a black military uniform exited. He walked over to the collapsed form of Tool and injected him with something from a gas injector.

He turned and walked over to the team.

“Your country thanks you, and the check is in the mail. We have a chopper coming to get him. I’ll wait here. You’re dismissed.”

“Are you with the CIA?” Cannonball asked.

“You would not know what agency. It doesn’t officially exist. We operate through Homeland and you never know where we will be. I’m Special Agent Hammer. I’m a collector of interesting things. You might say.”


Tool awoke in a clean padded room. Everything was white. The walls, floor and ceiling were all white, and padded. There was a small round black spot on one of the walls near the ceiling. It appeared to be made of glass and probably housed a camera behind the glass.

His combat mind started calculating methods of escape and attack. He could pound his way through the door with his hammer fists. He doubted his captors knew enough about him to make this place totally escape proof.

He walked around and looked at every nook and cranny. He assumed that he was being watched through the camera port, so they knew he was awake. He decided that the best course of action was to play along till he found out what they wanted and saw an opportunity to escape.

He sat down in the middle of the floor, facing the door. He stretched his legs out before him and lounged back on his elbows; waiting. He wondered if this had to do with the encounter he had, had with the Russian agents and what they had told him. All he could do was wait.


Dr. De’ Mise sat at a conference table with about 20 other people. They were dressed in military uniforms, suits, and medical jackets. It was the leadership of the Ozark Mountains Secure Research Facility. One wall was made up of a large window looking out at the stunning forest that surrounded the structure.

The chairman at the head of the table stood up and spoke.

“Dr. De’ Mise, please give us your assessment of the new research you have been conducting.” She sat back down and made herself comfortable, taking a sip of coffee on the table before her.

Jonathon De’ Mise stood and nodded to all those present and began his lecture.

“As you all know, my views are somewhat outside the norm.” 

Several at the table chuckled. He had supporters, but most of the other doctors, simply stared at him with total indifference if not even open contempt.

“But, along with that view, I tend to provide irrefutable proof.” He laughed at his own joke.

“We are here at this facility, which is one of the most secure facilities of its type in the world; for the express purpose of studying the growing phenomenon that our world is facing as we move closer to….something. Environmental and trans-dimensional oddities have been occurring and speeding up. We have seen signs, which science cannot fully explain. Oh, we can explain the physical practicalities of it. Some of it at least. But, not what is behind it. Regardless of what the official reports say.

We have humans being born with abilities they should not have. We are seeing psychic phenomena once considered myth, making its appearance on a regular basis. Have any of you seen a ghost lately? Or a UFO? Have you been seeing the destruction, and the strange weather?”

People around the table nodded their heads.

“The current belief is that we are evolving and that this is a natural process that will lead us into the next level of our evolution. That humanity is evolving in every way, mentally, physically, financially, socially, politically and spiritually. It’s believed that this is part of that process.”

Most of the scientists and doctors in medical coats around the table nodded their heads emphatically.

“But, I’m saying that this is part of a process spoken of millennia ago. It’s my belief that humans started out superior, and are degenerating. Not that we are becoming better. We are getting worse, and the planet is nearing it’s time of death. From the point of creation…yes, creation.. we have fallen into worse and worse depravity. Until destruction comes and cleanses the world. It is coming.

These humans being born with abilities are throwbacks to an ancient time, when humans were far more powerful. These strange occurrences are happening because the other dimensional realms that surround us are drawing closer, and the separation between us and them is growing thin. We are moving close to Armageddon, or Ragnorak, as some might call it. It’s a coming war, a trans-dimensional war. Where things we have only once imagined, will come stomping down our streets and eat our children.”

Those at the table, even his supporters, looked at the doctor; stunned. He himself was a little shocked, because he had never worded his hypothesis in such terms. It was like something had spoken through him.

“What are you saying exactly doctor? I support your views, and your desire to think outside the box, but this is different than what we have been preparing for.” A man in a military uniform asked.

“The subjects we have at this facility, are not evolving or anything of the sort. They are expressing abilities that have become unlocked, within their DNA. Many of them have been altered by exposure to other dimensional forces.”

“You mean aliens?” A man in a black suit said.

The doctor paused. What he was about to say, would probably shock them even more, and might cause him to lose his position.

“There are no aliens. We have never proven that beings from another planet have visited Earth. These beings violate all laws of physics as we know them. Not because they are technologically advanced, but because those laws do not apply to them, because they are not from our dimension. They do not acknowledge our laws.”

Dr. Henry Ranklin, was visibly angry. He had discussed these ideas with Dr. De’Mise many times and could not tolerate the man or his views.

“Dr. De’Mise I can assure you that if I stepped off the top of this building I will plummet to my death whether I choose to acknowledge the laws of physics or not. That is a fact.” He said.

“I understand your confusion. But, I have a woman in a room in the basement who can levitate. She understands falling. She believes in it. She understands death. She knows it’s real. But, yet she defies it, and has lived a life where falling is something she does not fear or accept. It does not apply to her. She has many other properties. She claims she was born with these powers. Our conversations with her have led us to discover that her mother was raped by a ghost.”

The room looked at each other. Some rolled their eyes and others chuckled.

“You see?  Total nonsense.” Doctor Ranklin said. “Even if ghosts existed, how could a dead non-corporeal entity impregnate a very real human?”

“Ghosts do exist, and are not always the spirit of a dead person. When we die we “Cross Over”. We “Pass Away”. We leave these physical bodies and this material world, and go to another place. We, who are alive, are separated from that place and many other places by a veil. A curtain, so to speak. We do not know exactly how it works, but we know the dead or some other being can still interact with this world. Although, we are not convinced that this woman’s “father” was a dead human in spirit form. We think it was something else.”

“Ok…so…how did it impregnate a human?” Ranklin asked. Pushing the issue.

“Like I said, the veil is growing thin. Our material plane is moving closer to the other planes of existence. We know in history and mythology that beings from other places have impregnated humans.” De’ Mise said.

“But, that is mythology! They are stories created to explain things, so that humans who had not evolved enough yet could understand the world around them and the things they feared.” Ranklin said.

“Or maybe what you call mythology is actually history, and the people of the ancient past, were far smarter, and had abilities, we no longer possess? As I have stated.” De’ Mise said.

Ranklin stood.

“I am not going to listen to this hogwash. He was kicked out of every university he worked at. None of his peers have accepted his views, and his only supporters are backwoods rubes who believe in superstition and magic.”

The chairman stood up.

“Well ok. I think this is a good time to adjourn the meeting. If you have any further questions for Doctor De’ Mise or Doctor Ranklin, you can contact them personally.” She said, as she started to gather her papers.

Several of the military officers and suited agents gathered together to talk while scientists stormed out of the room.

Doctor De’ Mise gathered his papers and slid them into a folder. He looked around the room, at those gathered; hoping to find a sympathetic eye, but everyone was carrying on as though nothing had happened. Just another day at the office.


Doctor Ranklin and his assistant entered an elevator at the end of the hall to head back down to the research facility. As soon as the door slid closed, Doctor Ranklin turned to his assistant.

“I am going to get rid of that guy if it’s the last thing I do. He is a quack. A crank. If he has his way we will all be sitting in some church or grove singing chants to faeries. Humans have suffered for centuries under those sorts of delusional beliefs. It is time we moved beyond all of that and embraced a New World.” Ranklin said.

“You don’t think that as scientists, we should experiment with other views and question our beliefs?” The assistant asked.

“Some views are not worth looking in to. They have been dis-proven time and again. They are just the ravings of the ignorant and superstitious. I cannot believe he ever became a scientist. He should have been weeded out years ago.” Ranklin insisted.

The assistant nodded. She loved her job and did not want someone as powerful as Ranklin destroying it. But, she could not think of anytime that certain beliefs have been dis-proven. Let alone, time and again.


Michael walked through a vast forest. The trees were taller than any he had ever seen on Earth. He had traveled to another dimension, like he had done so many times before. Except that this time he had somewhat controlled it. He had created and opened the door or portal to the realm, although he had not actually controlled where he had gone.

The time he had spent in this cell had given him the chance to explore this aspect of his powers. He was literally in the other dimension. It was a real place, and he could physically be there, if he chose. But, his consciousness was currently tethered to his body on Earth. Or the Middle Realm, or the Material World, or Midgard, as many have called it through the ages. All he had to do was cut the cord, and he would be here. But, he did not know where here was or what would happen to him.

The Russian agents had told him that he was created using the DNA of what they described as a trans-dimensional being, or an angel; more precisely a fallen angel.

Since learning of this aspect of his past the truth of why he was so different had started to unfold, and he had begun to explore and test the boundaries of his powers. 

He was strong. He was tough to injure. He had remarkable endurance. His mind could calculate things quicker and deeper. He could heal faster. He had an aura of fear, and encouragement. He had remote viewing power, and several other odd things that he could not understand, including this apparent ability to travel between worlds, and see spiritual entities or places.

There was a peace in the forest; like it was a world where he belonged. He had a sense of early creation. The temperature was perfect. The light was perfect. It was as though there was no sun, or place where the light emitted from, because there was only minimum shadow.

Ferns of immense beauty grew around the feet of the massive trees of all kinds. It was like something from a movie about a prehistoric world.

Something moved out of the corner of his eye, and he turned to see what he knew to be a white unicorn. It looked at him, and then disappeared as it walked into the forest.

He continued down the trail, feeling as though he was being watched and followed. But, he was not concerned. It seemed natural, as though everything was connected and there were no hidden motives or desires.

The foliage moved as he moved. Something was in the bushes.  Not that it mattered; because he could sense that everything around him was alive; watching him, sensing him, spirits and souls dwelling in everything. Even in the dirt and stones along the path. They all told a tale, and had an existence.

Again, something moved beside the trail in the foliage, and he caught a glimpse of a small human shaped being. But, it quickly hid.

Michael stopped. He felt that this was a moment, he needed to witness. He felt, that something was about to emerge before him and it did.

What he could only describe as a T-Rex, stepped out from behind the trees, and onto the path he was walking on. It saw him and moved slowly toward him. Michael was not afraid. He typically did not feel fear anyway, but this was different. This was a feeling as though he was not supposed to fear.

The T-Rex moved closer, then sat down on his haunches and spoke.

“What are you doing here human? Your kind is banned from everywhere, lest you pollute eternity.”

“I really don’t know.” Michael said. “I have discovered this power to travel to other places, and I am testing it out. I have no idea where I am.”

“You are in the Forest Realm. The place where Nature and all that is Nature, exists and is preserved forever. What is your name and how exactly did you come to be here?”

“My name is Michael O’ Toole and I’m not 100% sure of how it works. I just open a door and enter it. I’m not sure of what else. I was told that I have Angel blood maybe.” He said.

“I thought your mixed kind was all but destroyed.” The T-Rex, said

“I don’t know. Who are you? You’re a talking dinosaur.” Michael said.

The T-Rex laughed.

“In creation, all things talk. It is only in your fallen and isolated realm do things lack this power. Or seem to. You are all isolated; separated in death. But, I can tell you do not know this or understand it. I am what you would call a dragon or a wyrm, or a serpent, although my kind has had many names in a million different worlds. Dragon is what we are. We no longer exist in your world; only in legends and ancient history.” The dragon said.

“Do you breathe fire?” Michael asked.

The dragon laughed.

“I suppose I could if I deemed it necessary. But, I don’t typically need to do that. Legends often blend symbols in to reality. One of our ancestors was used to breathe or speak words, which led humans into a place of fire forever. A place of separation and eternal destruction.  But, let me ask you again. How did you come to be here, and how is it that you exist?” The dragon said.

“Well, like I said. I’m not sure how exactly. But, my DNA was mixed with the DNA of some kind of Trans-dimensional being, in a lab. Then, I was placed inside a womb.” Michael said.

“Humans did this? All by themselves?”  The Dragon asked.

“I think they were humans. They were Russians. But, I don’t know if they had help.” Michael said.

“Hmmm…. Perhaps the fallen ones seek to escape and the time of the convergence is at hand. The time when all things are fulfilled, and settled.” The Dragon said.

“I don’t know.” Michael said.

“I know.” The Dragon replied.


The door opened on Tool’s cell.

He was instantly transported back into this world. He opened his eyes, and looked at the two guards standing in the door. They were large bouncer types, wearing hospital orderly type uniforms, white. They both carried tazer batons.

Michael knew he could take them. But, the time was not right.

“Are you going to come with us? Or do we have to make you come.”

The people who held him did not know what his power was or was not yet. They had no idea that he could rip the door off and walk out at any time. He could punch his way through the wall if needed.

“I’ll come.” He said.

“Ok, put these on. It’ll make people feel better.”

One of the orderlies tossed him a pair of handcuffs.

“Behind or in front?” Michael asked.

“In front is fine.”

Michael cuffed up and walked toward them.

They stepped out of the way, and directed him down the hall. It looked much like a hospital hall way; White, sterile, and lined with doors. His white cloth jump suit and paper booties rustled as he walked.

He looked into the rooms as he passed. Some were dark. Some held people of every type. A single person to a room, a white woman with red hair, in one, a black guy with dreadlocks in the next, an Asian man, a guy with tattoos all over his body and face. They all wore white jumpers, like he did.

At the end of the hall was a steel solid white door.

“Go on it’s not locked.” One of the orderlies said from behind him.

Michael opened the door and went through.

The hallway on the other side was much the same, except the walls were reinforced glass from waist level to the ceiling and revealed multiple laboratories within.

White coated techs, moved around performing various tasks. People dressed just like him were also present. Some were unconscious. Others chained. All were being studied in some way.

“All right, lab 3. Go on in there.” An orderly said.

Dr. Ranklin moved toward Michael. He held a clip board.

“Ok, Mr. Michael O’ Toole” He said reading off the clip board. “We apologize for all the prison type conditions. But, we are not sure what we are dealing with. Strange things have been occurring lately, and the government is trying to get a handle on it. We are trying to find out what your powers are, and what their range is. We also want to know how you got them, and why?”

Michael nodded his head.

“I can understand the concern. I’d like to know too.” He said.

“Well, if we can get your cooperation we can assure you that those answers will come. Some of what we do might be unpleasant, but it will be for the good in the end.” Ranklin said.

Michael nodded.

“Ok, if you’ll remove the handcuffs, then fill out your report on what you’ve observed.”

One of the orderlies moved forward to comply, while the other one picked up a clip board and started writing.

“Ok, Mr. O’ Toole, if you’ll enter this chamber and sit in the chair.”

Michael complied. The chair was steel and bolted to the floor. The chamber was double re-enforced glass and just a little larger than the chair.

A nurse came in and started attaching probes to his chest, his ankles and put a headband on his head that was wired up with various colored probes.

He was not strapped in, although he could tell the chair was capable of having straps.

The nurse finished her work without even acknowledging Michael. She behaved like a non-emotional robot. He sensed nothing from her at all.

The door slid shut, and Dr. Ranklin spoke through a microphone in the room.

“You are going to feel some electric shocks. Try to stand it as long as you can.” The Doctor, said.

Michael retreated into a place deep in his mind. He could resist quite a bit. His endurance was amazing, but he wanted to look like a normal man. So, he focused on being normal. Something he was well practiced in.


Dr. De’ Mise sat at a research table writing in his journal, when Dr. Ranklin entered his lab.

“Good evening, Doctor.” Ranklin said.

De’mise turned and smiled,

“Good evening” De’mise said, turning and rising from his stool.

“I wanted to ask your opinion on something. Subject number 223, O Toole.”

“Yes, I have not had him yet. I just finished up with 134.”

“Well, the reports said that this guy put out a beating on the retrieval unit, and survived an energy blast and explosion that should have turned him into confetti. But, all my tests are showing that he is just a normal man.”

“Take him to the point of death. He is obviously faking. When he fears death, he will manifest his power in order to escape. You’ll need to up security protocol before that happens. We won’t be able to treat him nice, after this. Let me show you what I found.”

Dr. De’ Mise led Ranklin over to a chamber similar to the one that was in Ranklin’s lab.

“Ok, you know I’ve been working with 134. I think I have isolated her powers, and have been able to harness them and project them onto other subjects.”

“Really?” Ranklin said. “That’s the one we’ve called “The Necromancer” correct?”

“Yes, she seems to have some connection with death. We don’t totally understand, but you know what she did to Nurse Amy.” De’ Mise said.

“Horrifying. Totally sucked dry, aged and withered to a husk.” Ranklin remembered.

“Yes, well I seem to have isolated that power and more than that. But, 134 expired, so I will not be able to continue.”

“So, this chamber is a withering room, so to speak?” Ranklin asked.

“Yes, it will turn a normal healthy subject into a decayed husk. But, it can also…”

Something took over Ranklin’s mind. All of the hate and jealousy for De’ mise, opened a door in his soul that allowed something to take over.

Ranklin grabbed De’ Mise and shoved him into the chamber and closed the door, locking it.

“What are you doing?” De’ Mise yelled.  “Don’t do this!” He beat on the glass.

Ranklin quickly ran over to the control panel. He scanned it, not totally sure what buttons did what. So, he punched them all and flipped every switch; increasing the power to max.

A blood red beam filled the chamber. Ranklin looked, and De’ Mise was aging rapidly, and dropping to his knees as he withered.

Ranklin quickly left the lab, and left the machine running. It needed to be an accident.

What had come over him?


Michael was led back to his cell by the same two orderlies. As he left the lab, he saw the same black man with the dreadlocks being placed into a chamber in another lab. He was handcuffed behind his back, and had some kind of metal helmet on his head. They were unlocking the helmet.

Michael went through the steel door.

When he got back to his cell one of the orderlies unlocked and opened the door. Suddenly the alert siren started wailing and armed guards ran down the hall way toward him and his orderlies. The orderlies escorting him pushed Michael against the wall to give the guards room to pass. They charged through the steel door, and into the lab.

Michael saw his chance. He had no reason to continue to stay here and let them do experiments.

He snapped his handcuffs chain like they were nothing, then turned and grabbed both orderlies by the shirts; one in each hand. Then he spun, dragging them along with ease and tossed them into his cell and shut the door locking it.

Michael ran back through the steel door. He figured the exit would be somewhere near the lab. The doctors would not be expected to walk past the cell doors to get to work, and the prisoners would be in a more secure location.

Through the glass, He saw the guards with rifles drawn, cautiously approach a room. They were not paying attention to him.

Michael saw the man with the dreadlocks strapped to a chair in a glass chamber, like he had experienced.

He quickly moved up to the chamber, flipped the switch that opened the door, and went inside as the soon as the door was opened.

“Help me!” Darrell said, jerking against the straps.

“I am” Michael said.

He grabbed the straps and ripped them loose.

“Come on!” Michael said as he exited the chamber and moved further into the lab.

Darrell followed.

They came to a door marked exit, with a flight of metal stairs going up beyond.  Michael grabbed the door and ripped it open and the two went through the opening.


The guards in the blue uniforms surrounded the chamber. They didn’t know what had happened, but protocol demanded that any emergency required an armed security detail to prevent escape.

The sergeant moved forward and hit the button to open the chamber door. He suspected this was an accident, because the body on the floor was wearing a white doctor’s coat.

The door slid open and a little smoke puffed out.

“Hello? Doc?”  The Sergeant said through the opening.

The body on the floor moved, and began to rise. It stood and turned toward the guards. They were shocked.

The being that stood before them appeared to be a skin and bones mummified corpse in doctor’s clothes. Its eyes were jet black with a burning red glow.

“Doc!  Sit down! Let us get you some help.” The sergeant said, reaching out with his free hand to motion the doctor to sit.

The entity turned its head and looked at the sergeant. It raised its arm, like it was reaching for help.

Suddenly a red energy bolt flew out striking the sergeant, knocking him back through the air 20 feet to land, a withered corpse.

The other guards were in shock. The entity spun and blasted two more guards before the remaining 6 opened fire.

The entity moved with incredible speed, dipping and bobbing. Bullets struck it but did nothing; it seemed to just enjoy the hunt.

Bolts flew from its hands over and over killing more guards.

It back handed another guard sending him flying, then it bobbed and weaved up to the last guard who was out of bullets.

The guard pulled a pistol and fired point blank into the entities chest.

Nothing happened.

The entity smiled at the guard, its undead teeth bared.

“You can’t kill me. I’m already dead.” It said; in a voice oddly clear for an undead monster.

It grabbed the guard, and started using his body as a battering ram against the protective glass. The guard began to wither; his body becoming a decayed corpse as the entity beat through the door with him.

The entity dropped the body and began to walk through the door, but stopped.

It snapped its fingers and all the dead guards stood up; undead. They followed the entity out.


Security Chief Howser stood in the control room on the surface level, and watched lab number 5 through a set of security cameras.

He watched over the shoulder of another guard who was seated before him watching as well.

Howser turned away from the screens and looked out the massive window that overlooked the forest of the Ozark Mountains. Some days, he hated his job.

He turned back and looked at the tech sitting before him.

“Blow the lab.” Howser said.

“But, it looks like there are people down there, sir. There could be others.” The tech voiced concern.

“I understand. It’s protocol. Blow lab 5. Whatever is happening has to be contained.’

“Yes, sir.”

The tech flipped a few buttons then hit a red one, and they felt the rumble.


Darrel and Michael had climbed about six flights of winding metal stairs through what looked like a concrete tube. There were no levels. It seemed as though the lab was many stories underground with nothing in between. Or at least nothing they could access easily.

Michael stopped.

“Let me try to remote view around us and see what’s up.” He said.

“Remote view?” Darrell asked.

“Yeah, I can kind of see things in other places if I want to. I thought I was crazy, but learned it’s a gift. Or maybe a curse. Not sure yet.” He smiled as he closed his eyes.

Darrell nodded. He understood because the being that was attached to him gave him visions of things beyond Darrel’s view sometimes. But, this guy seemed to have a natural talent.

“Ok, we gotta go up two more flights, then that will put us on surface level.” Michael said, opening his eyes.

“Hey, I’m Darrell Robinson.” Darrell said, extending his hand.

“Michael O’ Toole” Michael said, shaking it. His vision power, allowed him to see that there was something attached to Darrell in another realm, but Michael said nothing.

They ran up two more flights and Michael stopped.

“Right here.”  Michael pointed at the wall.

He started pounding the wall with his fists, and giant chunks of concrete flew to the sides. Darrell stepped back and let Michael work.

Pounding, and pounding, quickly as chunks flew off, and light from outside finally appeared. A few more hits and the hole was big enough for them to fit through.

“That is amazing.” Darrell said.

“Thanks, I don’t really know what’s going on with me. But, it seems pretty useful at times.”  Michael said.

The stairwell suddenly exploded in a ball of flame, and concussive force…

(Tool #1 can be found HERE. )

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