By Patrick O’Malley

It happened earlier today at work. Pale and nauseous, my stomach had been killing me all morning. I crept up from my desk and ran to the office men’s bathroom. I dove for the bowl, slamming the stall door shut behind me. I heaved and a fountain of bile spilled out my face.

Looking down, I saw what was in the bowl. What had come from me. I screamed but was drowned out by more vomit.

A chewed up finger, white and shriveled with a fingernail was floating in the toilet.

I flushed the toilet. I couldn’t look at it. The finger swirled in the water with the rest of the sick and dissipated down the drain. Blinking, I shook my head. I must have imagined it.

This was impossible. I’d spent the previous night in a holding cell. Just like I do every month during a full moon.

Bio: Pat O’Malley lives in New York where he loves to write the kind of absurd/weird fiction that he and his friends would love to read. He has been published in online publications such as The Weird and Whatnot, Scars Publications, Mystery Tribune and more! Several of his short stories have also been adapted into audio stories on talltaletv.com. You can follow him on instagram.com/Patomwrites and read all of his stories on https://medium.com/@patrick.omalley_97144.

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  1. This is a wonderfully brief piece, with just a touch of the supernatural. I’m immediately immersed in the scene, and feel right there with the narrator. Again, a great piece.

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