Jailhouse Religion

When I was locked up, I first heard this term. It was used to refer to someone who turns to God only when they are in the jailhouse. I’ve heard high class people use this term and I’ve heard inmates use it to slam other inmates. They would say things like, “Man, you only want God, when you go to jail.”

But, that’s when we are supposed to turn to God. When you have a headache, don’t you go to the medicine cabinet for an aspirin? Likewise, when you are at your worst, and you have hit the bottom, you know down deep that you need to turn to God. You need to seek spiritual change.

Of course, if we followed God every day we probably would not end up in jail. But, we don’t do that, and those “know it alls” aren’t perfect either. We fail. We fall. We need God.

God knows we will forget Him. He knows we will sin and fall and hit rock bottom. He is the one who created a rock bottom. That is why He made things hard in life. He did it so that we will remember Him and turn to Him.

When we ignore what’s right in this world we open doors to let bad things come upon us. And it just keeps coming till it breaks us and we call for God.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t let anyone stop you from seeking God, when you feel Him calling you. Just ask Him to save you through Jesus Christ and let Him work. Trust Him. Even when we fail He is there working. All things work for our good, because we are called by Him and He is growing us.

Embrace your jailhouse religion, and keep growing it. God will find us anywhere. He can grow us anywhere. Do not let the Devil drag you down.

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