“Former Hangouts”

By Derek Quint

“Former Hangouts” is a documentary by Derek Quint. It is produced by Addovolt Productions, and narrated by Stefanie Erdmann.

The film shows us several “Former Hangouts” of Al Capone, in the Chicago, Wisconsin and Iowa areas.

The trailer for the film gives this description:

“Former Hangouts” approaches established Capone-related topics and locations from fresh perspectives and angles. This project is an independent documentary that serves as a daring deep-dive into details that are often overlooked during examinations of the Capone story. Full of off-the-cuff and irreverent takes, humor, and an acknowledgement of Scarface’s complicated psychology, “Former Hangouts” is a celebration of the Midwest within the American lexicon, significant historic spaces, and the uncomfortable mergence of facts with folklore.”

Here’s the trailer:

The documentary is an hour and a half long. Not only does it give you history on Capone, along with several of his former hangouts. But, it immerses you into the culture of the era. The film is full of old time movie footage, music and culture. It also gives bits of history of the areas where these hangouts were located.

Here is the full length film:

Addovolt Productions is a Chicago-based independent film production company led by writer-director Derek Quint. Their blog can be found HERE.

The Front of the Congress Plaza Hotel, mentioned in the film. Photo courtesy of The Yard: Crime Blog. Not only was the Congress used by Al Capone, but it was also a stomping ground for the Serial Killer H.H. Holmes.

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