They Killed My Little Brother

By KeKeDreams

My friend my brother
I miss you dearly
This one hit more than deep bro
Dam bro I was just with you

I lost my brother to murder crime
Left his blood, family beyond hurt
We all crying

Said he was called for somebody else’s beef
They wrong, they have to leave you laying in the street
Since that night I hadn’t got no sleep
The family pulled together we share the same pain deep
It ain’t right they did you like that

The love you showed to people
Everybody knew the facts
I would of gave my own life
Man this shit don’t sit right
Remember bro You hugged me and said big sis I love u
dam Bro I really miss ya.

Left with this pain that keep a spirit low
My heart on the floor
I don’t feel shit no more

I want my brother back
He the kind of person you’ll never catch lacking,
just want the facts but they keep holding back.

(Artist does not own rights to music)

Note From the Poet/Artist:

I am dedicated to my work as a recording multi-genre artist, songwriter , producer, etc. and I really wanted to share a true life experience of loss and grief. My brother was a very talented Hip Hop Rap Artist , songwriter, entrepreneur, a devoted father of three and truly an amazing person & loved being around his family.
He leaves behind his music and the love he gave to all the hearts he deeply touched.

This is truly dedicated to him, Daniel “AG” Archer 4/10/1986-10/28/2021. Big sis miss you bro. – By: KeKeDreams.

His music can be found Here.

News Report on Shooting:

KeKeDreams can be found at her Youtube page or her Website, Here.

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