Murder In Poetry

By Jennifer Jennings Daves

They found her there
Floating among the reeds
A curious smile spread across her face
As though she had just
Looked into the eyes of her lover
Death had not stolen the light of her eyes
She still retained a mischievous look
A glowing glinting
Of knowing something
No one else did
You could almost hear the bubbly laugh
As though the body did not wax cold
She laid there, smiling, peaceful even
As the new Lady of Chalot
A curiosity it’s true
Not the kind of catch
He expected to get
When he tosses his line
Into the lake
And as they pulled her lifeless body out
He wondered if anyone knew
Who had put the smile upon her face
And when they all turned to leave
He gathered his fishing things
And placed his hat back on his head
Walking to his car
Jack whistled a tune
While a similar smile graced his face

Bio: Jennifer Jennings Daves is an up and coming author of mystery and crime
novels. Her first novel, The Devil’s Promise, should be making its debut
in the early part of 2022. She is also a poet of some renown having been
published in several anthologies over the past year.

Jennifer grew up an avid reader and writing has now become a natural
extension of that love. Words manifest themselves on paper at any given
moment of the day for her. It can be the starting of a short story, a
novel, or poetry. She feels that what she writes about should be as
limitless as looking at a clear blue sky.

Jennifer currently has writings featured in three anthologies: Rise From
Within, Sunset Rain, and As Darkness Falls. All three are published by
300 South Media Group. She also shares her work on various social media
sites, such as Facebook (as iworeabraforthis), Instagram (as
iworeabraforthis), Twitter (, and Ello
( You can also find her work posted on her
very own website, .

Jennifer is married, has two children and a menagerie of animals. They
all live together in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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