Call for Submissions

The Yard: Crime Blog is always looking for submissions in the Crime Fiction, True Crime, Horror, and Dark Literature genres.

We accept things crime related. Sci-fi, Detective, Noir, Fantasy, Police, Romance, all crime possibilities.

We take Poetry. Flash Fiction. Short Stories, Series, Non-fiction and anything crime related.

Do you have a story that involves a crime? Are you a historian who writes about crime locations or visits them? Have you had an experience with crime, and wanna tell about it?

Are you a blogger or podcaster or Youtuber who wants to get more exposure? We accept guest bloggers.

So, check out our submission guide lines, and if you have any problems or questions, send us a message.

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7 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

    1. Thank you! We often review Crime Fiction, or True Crime books. If you would like to submit something, or do a regular piece with links to your blog, just let us know.

      1. Hello! I am not an author, I am a reviewer. I am willing to review books for you, if you send me physical copies!

      2. I realize you’re not an author. I was hoping you would read some crime fiction novels, and write reviews and submit them. Then, we would post them, and provide links to your website or blog. We don’t buy books and mail physical copies at this time. We hope to print anthologies and books by authors in the future, but we are not there yet. Do you have reviews that we can look at right now?

      3. I don’t write reviews on special requests. Though you can read my reviews on my blog. You are always welcome to re-blog them!

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