T.V. Review: City on a Hill

By Chris Bunton

We absolutely love this show. It is based in 1990’s Boston, where corruption is rampant. The main character is “Jackie” Rohr played by Kevin Bacon. He does a fantastic job portraying this FBI agent who does what he wants, when he wants, and always gets his way.  He crosses the line between cop and criminal on a daily basis, while just being who he is as a person.

The series shows the end of an era that Jackie lived and fought crime in, clashing with the rise of a new era of crime fighting through social justice, and the DA’s office with DeCourcy Ward, played by Aldis Hodge.

Jackie and Decourcy have a love/hate relationship as both see a desire to get rid of each other, while also seeing a need for what the other brings to the table.

The series airs on Showtime, and is the creation of Charlie Maclean, and Ben Affleck, who also produces it with Matt Damon.

The show does a good job balancing the racial tensions of the time, while showing compassion and truth for the struggles of people caught up in the criminal lifestyle. There are good people who do bad things. And people who are bad, but do good things. It is classic noir, where nobody is totally good, and saints have tainted halos.

We do not know, as of this writing if the program is going to come back; although, certain aspects of the last episode certainly allows for a return. It is missed already, and we hope it comes back.

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