About Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction is a large category that has many sub categories within it. But, we want to give a general overview of what to expect here. Within the Crime Fiction category, we accept short stories or flash fiction in any genre. Historical, Modern, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, Western or anything else so long as it is crime related. We like Noir, and pulp fiction type stories. We do not accept erotica, or extreme gore and filth. We are pretty laid back, but there are limits. There’s a point where being graphic takes away from the story.

Crime Fiction has several traditional categories, and several that we have created here. The categories are: Criminal, Caper, Detective, Police, Spy, Superhero/Villain, Hard boiled, Mystery, Legal, and Forensic.

All of these can also be found under the Flash Fiction section, in stories of under 1000 words or less.

Writers please follow the Submission Guidelines.

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