About Victim Accounts

Have you been the victim of a crime? Tell us about it. This falls under Non-Fiction, and needs to be totally true and provable, so there’s no problems. Write a good article using newspaper reports, court documents, police reports, and anything else you might have. Remember that speaking out is a step toward healing. FollowContinue reading “About Victim Accounts”

About Civil Rights Crime

This is a Non-Fiction category describing crimes that have been committed against people, that would fall into the Civil Rights category. A true story such as Emmet Till, or a True Story of injustice, or police brutality. Research the facts and give us good writing. These are stories of murder, lynching, and beatings. Follow theContinue reading “About Civil Rights Crime”

About Historical Crime

These are non-fiction, accounts of historical crimes. Historical would be defined as something that occurred long enough ago, that virtually all the people involved are dead or almost dead. Stories from the 1800’s, the Civil War, the 1920’s 30’s, Prohibition era. 1950’s-1960’s might even fit. Research thoroughly and teach us something. Follow Submission Guidelines