Caged for Dinner

Horror Fiction By Chris Bunton

One bite and the memories came flooding back like it was yesterday.

He remembered the first time they met. It was at the fountain in the park, and his dog “Bowzer” had tried to hump her little poodle “Trixy”. They laughed so hard trying to separate them and keep them apart while they chatted, in the beautiful spring air.

He took a chance and asked her to dinner that day, and found that they were both desperate for love and desperate for each other.

He remembered the wedding, when Cousin Freddie was so drunk he fell on top of the cake, and they had the chicken dance around his passed out body.

He remembered the honeymoon to Florida. She loved the beach, and he loved her body glistening in the sunlight. He remembered kissing her, in that massive bed.

There was the pregnancy and the hope, and then the miscarriage and the misery of loss. But, they worked through it together and loved each other even more.

Every bite brought back more and more memories of his life with her.

He remembered the first home they bought together with a down payment they had struggled and worked to save up for. The, house they now lived in.

Then, he remembered how strong she was when the whole world turned crazy and people panicked during the first days of the outbreak. Those days when everything was unknown, and people were terrified of this disease, that killed swiftly, and death was everywhere.

She was so full of faith, when the news daily reported the death and the riots in the streets, with hordes of crazies going house to house killing people. No one seemed to know what was going on. It was like something out of a movie. But she stayed firm in her belief that it would be ok.

Then, he remembered her face when he got sick. She nursed him as they hid in the basement from the hordes of killers running around outside.  She took care of him while he lay dying.

He remembered the strange feeling that a wall in his mind was being dismantled brick by brick. Like a mental wall that separated this world, and this life from something beyond reason and understanding. Then delirium took him, and he no longer felt in control.

He recalled her weeping at midnight, as something came through the wall of his mind and grabbed his soul. It dragged him down into a dark corner where he is now caged, as his body died a writhing torturous death around him.

There was darkness; a darkness that was death, and the silence of nothingness.

Then, he saw a light piercing through a crack in the door of the tiny soul cage he was locked in.

He peeked through the crack, and there was the demonic being seated on the throne of his mind, and wearing his body like a flesh suit.

He had no control, and could only watch in horror and misery as the beast, had become a zombie, and devoured the flesh of the wife he loved.

His screams echoed in the tiny cage forever, as he watched bite after bite.

Bio: Chris Bunton is a writer, poet and blogger from Southern Illinois. He has published in several magazines, and has written a poetry eBook called “Against the Man” and an Addiction Recovery eBook called “Made Free: Overcoming Addiction“ His newest book is called “The Future is Coming” and is a collection of dystopian short stories.

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