All Saint’s Day of the Dead

By Jason P. Reed

All Saint’s Day of the Dead is a book written by Jason P. Reed under the banner of New Bayou Books.

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“Jason studied English at what was then the University of Southwestern Louisiana in the mid 90s and worked as a technical writer in Houston after graduation, when it became apparent his masterpiece comic novel, which remains unfinished on a floppy disc somewhere, would not write itself. A short while later, he joined the Peace Corps and spent the turn of the century in Mongolia, having a really good time.

Returning to the U.S., Jason sidestepped a historically rigorous screening process and was commissioned into the Air Force, freaking out most of his old Peace Corps friends and confounding his new Air Force ones. Two decades later, he remains in the public sector, though he has long since traded in the uniform for a sport coat.

Eager to accelerate into the next stage in his life, Jason started New Bayou Books in 2020 and wrote his first two novels, both set in South-Louisiana, in about 18 months. Recognizing the shortage of contemporary Louisiana literature in the marketplace, Jason is planning to kick start a revolution in Louisiana literature.”

His second book after “Tattoos and Tans” is All Saint’s Day of the Dead and here’s a little info on it.

“Tuck that joint behind your ear and crack a bottle of Abita beer while you wait for the acid to kick in . . . All Saints Day of the Dead is a wild, midnight ride through the heart of the Cajun Prairie. Centered around a popular Cajun band of twenty somethings at the heart of the vibrant, real-life musical renaissance in Lafayette, Louisiana, the second novel from Jason P. Reed and his New Bayou Books imprint introduces the world to characters you feel like you know. Or wish you didn’t.

Constance Miller is young and beautiful and not yet fully aware of the powerful effect she can have on people. When her disturbed boyfriend shows his true colors, Constance flees her West Virginia home, taking refuge with Tee Boy and Neville, founding members of the hottest new Cajun band in Lafayette and big Constance Miller fans. Safe among her crazy Cajun musician friends, Constance is not as safe as she thinks.

The revelers are all too busy celebrating Halloween with live music and LSD to notice the figure in the Grim Reaper costume lurking at the edges. When the boyfriend ends up dead, the real problems begin, and it will take more than Tee Boy and Neville’s music to bring absolution. Before the story resolves, we will meet Amelia–a former nun making up for lost time in the convent, and Dat–a Vietnamese deacon on exchange from his home diocese to the small church in the Cajun hamlet of Mowata, where it all goes down. Tac Youngblood, the police detective readers first met in Tattoos and Tans, enters the fray to bear down on the unlikely group of friends.

Like all his writing, All Saints Day of the Dead is filled with unexpected characters that form a special kind of technicolor image of the new south in your mind. You will love them, or hate them. But you will not forget them.

Bio: Jason P. Reed is a writer from Eunice, a small South Louisiana town in the heart of the Cajun Prairie. He is the founder and principal author behind New Bayou Books, a small press established to bring a new, inventive  brand of Louisiana literature to the world. Tattoos and Tans and All Saints Day of the Dead are his first two books. He is currently at work on the third offering from New Bayou Books, a turn of the millennium era love story called The Asian Cajun. Jason keeps a little bit of home with him everywhere he goes, sprinkling Cajun spice across the globe–from Mongolia, West-Texas, Germany, South Korea, Washington D.C., and Belgium–as he performs his duties for his Uncle Sam. If you dig his writing, support the cause at and follow him at

His books can be purchased through his websites above, through Amazon, and located in our Bookstore. He has also written Suicide Squeeze: Colton Lacombe’s Return to Baseball and Swimming Under Barges, that are posted in The Yard: Crime Blog.

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