Meth, Murder and Amazon

By G.S. Gerry

Meth, Murder and Amazon is a book written by author G.S. Gerry.

The BookViral Review had this to say:

“When G S Gerry says his debut novel Meth Murder & Amazon is an experience unlike anything imaginable he’s not kidding!

Wholly original and darkly humorous it’s not one of those portrayals of men at a certain age looking for that missing ‘something’ with superfluous optimism, but a heady rollercoaster of a trip with Gerry cleverly orchestrating whiplash changes of mood and unexpected direction…

So if you’re looking for a read that’s completely off the wall and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud Meth Murder & Amazon is highly recommended! “

The author had this to say on Amazon:

“Can you recount the tales of selling your first home? The excitement beforehand, the anticipation, as you anxiously await for that momentous day to arrive…SOLD!

Well, as Mr. Grake can attest, the first time selling your home can be an experience, unlike anything imaginable.

Have you ever had something happen to you, so ridiculous, so mind boggling, so unbelievable that it makes you think to yourself…WTF!

All Mr. Grake wants to do is sell the family home. What could be simpler?

Along the way he encounters 2 lunatic assassins (realtors) that take advantage of his family and their kindness.

One assassin flies the coup while another constructs a sinister plan to reveal Mr. Grake’s “true” identity.

As things go from bad to worse, to something else entirely…as Mr. Grake is accused of murdering one of his children and stuffing their lifeless corpse under the bed. But that’s not all, as they’d lead you to believe Mr. Grake is cooking meth in his garage a la Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.

So he fires them.

Deciding, “ Hey, we should tell the news about this.”

An interview with the news turns into “the fallout” from hell; with the end of Amazon, to The Grake’s navigating a bomb on a severely turbulent flight. The madness rages on during a 6 month journey filled with misadventure as The Grake’s attempt to sell their home and move far, far away.”

The Authors Bio is as follows:

G. S. Gerry is a dedicated family man,  Navy veteran, and writer from humble beginnings in St. Petersburg, FL.  Married for 17 years, at the sound age of 18, and father to 4 kids (16/14/11/8).  Just your average, everyday Joe Schmuckatelli with some wild stories to tell.

As is the G. S. Gerry tradition, everything in his life seems to happen in the most non-traditional ways.

He experienced 16 & pregnant before it became popular. Overcoming obstacle after calamity after hilarious situation in his short time on the earth.  

There’s an old saying “plant a tree, have a child, and write a book.” G. S. Gerry’s debut novel Meth Murder & Amazon checks one off the list, with an experience unlike anything imaginable.  But, he is taking recommendations on trees to plant.

You can find G.S. Gerry at his website, Grake Den.

His book Meth, Murder and Amazon can be purchased at Amazon, and is also available on Audible.


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