Movie Review: Filth

By Chris Bunton

“Filth” is a movie based upon a novel written by Irvine Welsh. It tells the story of a police detective striving for a promotion, while he is suffering a mental break down after the loss of his family. It is a dark comedy, and details his exploits into booze, drugs, sex, and outrageous behavior.  The behavior is the stuff that tickles those with an “evil sense of humor” as it spirals down into more and more damaging actions.

The movie was directed by Jon, S. Baird, and was released in 2013-2014.  It stars James McAvoy as Detective Bruce Robertson. James also played in “The Last King of Scotland”, and several Marvel movies.

Jamie Bell plays Ray Lennox, Jamie has also played in the “Fantastic Four”, and “Snowpiercer”. 

“Filth” also stars Eddie Marsan as Clifford Blades. Eddie is known for playing Terry Donavan in the Showtime series, Ray Donavan, and the movie, “Hancock”.

If you like movies, where the main character is a criminal type who you end up caring about.

If you like twisted humor, and broken weird characters.

It could also be considered a Christmas Movie in the same sense that “Die Hard” is a Christmas Movie

Then, “Filth” is a good one for you.

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