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Have you seen the Netflix Documentary series entitled “The Keepers“? Then, you know who Gemma Hoskins is. Well, she has written a book entitled “Keeping On“.

Mascot Books had this to say:

“The Keepers investigates the unsolved murder of Cathy Cesnik, a nun and teacher at Archbishop Keough High School. Sister Cathy was Gemma’s beloved teacher, and when the case stalled, Gemma launched her own investigation. She has dedicated years of her life fighting for justice for Sister Cathy. Gemma went on from Keough to work in the education field, where she was a role model to many. She was a teacher and mentor for almost forty years, writing curriculum and coaching new teachers. But she never forgot about her beloved teacher, nor has she ever stop searching to find out who killed Sister Cathy. Gemma continues to be an outspoken advocate for survivors of clergy abuse in the Catholic church. Keeping On assures readers that Gemma’s story—and Sister Cathy’s—will never be forgotten.

Gemma Staub Hoskins is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She is a product of the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools system, attending Saint William of York parochial school and Archbishop Keough High School. A graduate of Towson State University, Hoskins was an elementary teacher for twenty-six years. Hoskins also holds a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and advanced certificates in Staff Development and Facilitative Leadership. Gemma Hoskins was named the 1992 Maryland Teacher of the Year. Her career spans forty years, during which time she was also a teacher mentor and professional development specialist for Harford and Baltimore County Public Schools. She has taught adult learners and provided professional development for mentors and teachers throughout Maryland. She has written and developed curriculum and assessment at local and state levels.

Gemma was married to the late Ernest Joseph Hoskins, who died of cancer in 1989. She is featured as a grassroots investigator in the Netflix series The Keepers. Hoskins now resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her loyal dog, Teddy, where she paints, writes and continues to pursue justice for Sister Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki, and survivors of clergy abuse around the globe. She can be heard weekly on the podcast Foul Play, where she and her cohost, Shane Waters, delve into unsolved crimes and the lives of individuals impacted by those acts.”

Gemma’s book “Keeping On: How I Came to Know Why I Was Born” can be purchased here.

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