Movie Review: We Still Kill the Old Way

By Chris Bunton

‘We Still Kill the Old Way” is a 2014 film about the difference between old time gangsters and modern day punks.

The film gives you great satisfaction to see common street thugs getting what’s coming to them by people who are more evil, but classier and more stable, than they are.

The story is about Richie Archer who is a London gangster who has retired to Spain. He and his brother Charlie Archer were notorious back in the day on London’s East End.

They are reminiscent of the Kray’s, who were real life gangsters in London and are mentioned in the film.

Charlie Archer gets murdered by a street gang when he tries to save a young girl from getting raped by them.

This murder brings Richie Archer back to London, where he gathers his old crew and sets about getting revenge, and cleaning up the neighborhood.

The film stars Ian Ogilvy as Richie Archer, and Steven Berkoff as Charlie Archer. The rest of the cast includes, Danny Hatchard as Aaron, Allison Doody as Detective Taylor, and Lysette Anthony as Lizzie, among others.

The film was written and directed by Sacha Bennett.

There is a sequel to the film entitled “We Still Steal the Old Way”, which this film sets up nicely at the end.

Both films can be found on Prime, or here

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